Twilight tiger, yukari masuike (2D)


Title: Twilight tiger
Name: yukari masuike
Country: Japan
Software: Photoshop

While it is the few of the evening, the tiger protecting her appears.
“Light and a shadow” were big themes among me.
I wanted to express writing to let presence, a huge creature rise.

I use PSCS3 and a pencil and acrylic paints.


Amazing work!I really like the colors and lighting!
Just a minor detail though,i would have preferred if the tiger’s eye were completely white.I think it would have made her look more divine like…
Still it’s a great piece.:slight_smile:

Nice site too! :wink:


Amazing style really…unique in its own sense…Super…Totally love it…:applause:


Great work :thumbsup:
Very good compo and nice tones.
I love the head of the tiger ^^


The shape and form of the tiger’s body is a little difficult to read. The girl is nice and I like the glow on her. Keep it up. nice work.


wow, that’s quite unique. totally love it :thumbsup:



Love your style! great image.


Amazing piece, anyway.:applause:


Nice! The old school face of the tiger is cool! Kind of like the ancient Japanese tiger paintings.

There’s a kind of fine art edginess to it. Like that girl with knife imagery over there (and here in print form), that’s really popular.


Wow! It’s really beautiful ! O_°

Soft and tough at the same time. I love the atmosphere.

I also love the “flat” comp, very strong, color palette is very subtle and very dynamic.
Finally I love the old school mix with modern feel. Great balance.
And chara design is sweet too. :slight_smile:

Makes me wanna see more of your work, do you have a website or something? =D

congrats on the front page, omedeto !


Very cool…i love it!!! :cry:

  • Ty


beautiful, it has a nice surreal painterly look.

kirei sakuhin dazo : )


i am in, if you print a poster !

great work:drool:


I remember seeing this on concept art. I think this is amazing composition and color man! I am a fan : D


Amazing work. I like it very much.


Amazing work!!!
It’s been a while since I saw another painting that moved me so.
I absolutely love your style. The paw closest to the viewer looks amazingly powerful and the colors are great.
I also like the way the anatomy of the tiger isn’t completely clear, rendering it fantastical and also making it look highly mobile and active.

The depiction of rush and movement in this painting is fabulous. I could look at it for quite a while just trying to be sure of the story behind it.

Love it! Keep it up!

Any chance of process detail / WIP pictures?


nice, i like it,interesting, two thumbs up


Thank you very much for all of you!

…There is one question.

Why will my work be carried by the top of “forums” ???


Because it’s a very great piece, so you deserve more attention brought to your work. I think. :slight_smile:


Hi yukari masuike!

Your Twilight tiger is so amazing! The girl character pops out from the front page and I just have to tell you its a really beautifully color and special work! I like the forms of the tiger too! Loving your style here! Great work and congrats! :buttrock: