Twilght Scooter Angels (Character Development)


Striking while the iron is hot to start developing my 2D Spectacular piece into a comic.

This thread for character sketches & designs.

I want lots of characters who have deep backgrounds to make the ‘background’, especially of the street scenes, more believable in terms of story-telling. The piece as a whole is to have a central theme of ‘solidarity’ running through it… in one form or another.

I feel that if the reader identifies positively with more than a manageable ammount of characters, they might become more attuned to be sympathetic toward the ‘whole’.

The characters in this piece are a young Romeo and Juliet who live in the lead characters neighbourhood… (their families hate each other as naturally as breathing - caused by a generation-old dispute over a lawnmower).

Shadowing the pair - caught in the flash of an advertising projector - is one of the leading field operatives of the Twlight Scooter Angels ~ ‘Blind’ Hugo Geoghan, (so called because his many defeated enemies know that even if he was blind - he’d still have kicked their arses)

Hope to update this nonsense very regularly after the New Year. All comments, ideas, criticism and antagonism welcome.


Omm, that is a very cool style :thumbsup: I like the colour & lines, kinda crazy and spontaneous which I guess was what you were aiming for…?


Just experimenting with my new drawing tablet, so most of the initial roughs will be speed drawn like this - also playing with typography and how characters might ‘interact’ with some of it (it will hopefully be a comic one day after all!). Thanks for your comments.


Primarily a user of Bagua and Kapuera, this Field Expert occasionally even finds himself using good old kung fu.


Detail: ‘Boy’

The current love-torn owner of the magical skateboard which ‘Blind’ Hugo is sworn before death to protect.


THe whole scene. I hope the colour and lighting suggests that ‘Blind’ Hugo is the couples’ shadow - and that he is somehow ethereally linked to the skateboard… and that the skateboard gives strange powers to its’ rider.

Advice warmly received about how better this may be achieved.


Character Development. The Not-Blind Special Forces operative in action against the local Constabulary and Company of US Marines in the initial East Sussex Uprising.


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