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Forgive me if this has been asked already, but what brush settings should I be using? I’m talking shape dynamics, other, or whatever. I read cyperx’s post on her 2 different settings, but I’m still clueless. My brushes turn wachy when I turn on these settings. I keep reading about setting opacity to pen pressure, but where’s that at? I’m having a heck of a time trying to figure out what my opacity should be or when do I change it. I’ve read that settings are changed throughout the process? To focus on my question, to get a painted feel what should by brushes be set to? I have ps7 and I’m using a intuous 3. All these tutorials go through midtones and highlights, but what opacity or controls are best to use?


Hi everybody, I’m not sure if it has been posted before, but this link is providing me very useful start and I usually don’t post anything unless it’s high quality. I originally found that through the deviantart’s news for a rock tutorial video and it came with guess what??? More videos and brush sets!!! Nice eh?


I am very interested in seeing your creations using his brush sets, I’m very curious lol! It’s awesome!


I had a chance to make a quick tutorial for my co-workers last project… figured Id share the love.

easy dirty metal.


KeepItEvil - really liked your tut, great stuff thanks!


that tutorial was really cool, cheers keepitevil ^^


hi all,

heres two of my recent mini tutorial i did for Sweetravin and Rluto77

golden mermaid :credits to Sweetravin

Project rainstorm credits to:rluto77(Robert Lutostanski)

i hope it helps:)



Michael, thanks for sharing this! The process shots are great, its always fun to see the workflows of great artists.


i’m sick as a dog, but i finally made my first “tutorial”
i hope you guys will understand what i’m saying. since i’m pretty fuzzy in my head from the fever i can’t seem to find proper english words…or any proper words for that matter. i promise next one will be better

  you can look at the stream but if you think the quality suck, then i recommend downloading the file since it's better quality then the stream.
  if you download the file, i also recommend downloading the KMPlayer which can play every codec available without actually installing it. best player on the planet IMHO. based on the legendary VLC player and WMP Classic
  anyway, here's the video and once again, sorry for my feverish/fuzzy/dreamy commentary :blush:
  Time: ~33mn (1:1 real time)
  Applications used: PS CS3, CP X
  [[b]THE BRIDGE - TUTORIAL - 235.53MB[/b]](http://www.zshare.net/video/657727902e3abe74/)
  THE BRIDGE final pic:


Really nice work Creeto!

Get well soon.



thanx saiko :slight_smile:


Here’s a list of my sped painting videos … vimeo and youtube :slight_smile:










Great artworks and videos nachoyague!

Would you mind if I post them on my forum ? (http://www.cgfeedback.com)
Unless you wish to post them there yourself of course :wink:




Hi Pascal!!. No problem!. These videos are for sharing! :slight_smile:


Nice thread… Great Idea, Hope I can contribute especially for those who are new comer… Hope many will participate in sharing their ideas and learning from others technique in sketching.


Those speedpaintings video’s… as a beginner… I cant learn from them! :frowning: It’s to fast to see what they are actually doing! The video from Creeto is much better :smiley:

I’m really looking for more stuff about that. When somebody wants to make a tutorial, please show us what tools you use (what layers, brushes, effects, etc) and don’t do a speedpainting.


@nachoyague :
oooow my GOD…!!

you have some Blessings there >.<
this is just so awesome tutorial… really help me >.<
thanks for sharing ^^


Well, hello there. I’ve made some videos recently. They where posted with the sketches in this forum, but i’ve desided to post em separately here for history… :slight_smile: The first one isn’t so good - i’ve missed some music there… but still fun i guess. It was my first video ever. :rolleyes: I hope you will like both of them… :drool:

Link to video

Link to video


thank you for those brushes , i cant wait to use it


TrueCapuchin asked me in my sketchbook to explain my workflow i used when i painted “Adventure Land” (it’s in my sketchbook). since i’m bad with words i made a quick tutorial. unfortunately it’s without music or voice over but i hope it will show what he wanted know.

the video is about 18 minutes in 200% speed. original time was about 40 minutes


the final result: