I made a tutorial, check it out!



sorry i know its been a year, and unfortunately these links arent available anymore. dose anyone know any mirrors?

thx, regards


I want to make VIDEO Tutorials what is best free software i can use to do this?


Lmans gonne make videos? Dont forget to post em! :wink: Snaps pro x on MAC. Probably ok for pc too.


Thnx for your feedback guys! I just deleted the broken links and added a new tutorial

I wrote a little tutorial in my blog. Hope you like it.



I would love it if someone could make a watercolor style tutorial. I think its one of the least used styles for cg, but I bet some really awesome stuff could happen with it.


Here’s a little tutorial on coloring with a mouse, i doubt it’ll help a lot of people just wanted to reach out to the beginners - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzIVzgWdPpE


these are great!


here you go…

my fav. tut.

this is really good…

and this one too…

the artists are both swedish too! not that it matters…


these are some amazing brush sets, um…what exactly do I do with them after download?


Hey Goro!

I have been trying to get into more color theory and matte painting lately, I love learning from people who are great at what they do.

Thank you so much for these tutorials they are crazy informative.

Ive got one qick question, when you were painting i noticed you didnt actually change the value’s of the colors manually… it could have been just the speed cap of the program.

But is there a hotkey or a set of hotkeys to adjust the Hue/saturation or lght to dark of the color you have selected?



KekO pleaze reuopload links dead :sad:


I made a little tutorial on deviantART of my process of drawing a person:


The site you made was useful, I was surprised you didn’t focus on the eyes first since it’s what gives the person the “character”…but still very useful


Thanks this will help alot :smiley:


haha, avoid faces and anatomy issues! :slight_smile:
that’s how you learn! :wip:


hehe, i know. i’m so lazy :rolleyes:


Goro, I hope you never leave this forum :buttrock:


thanks a lot
good tutorial


I made some tutorials, I hope your like they