:slight_smile: thank you I shall often attention your new opus
my English very be defeated don’t laugh
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Thanks cypherx for your reply and the examples of the brushes :slight_smile:

i feel if one uses lil bit of scattering in normal brushes ( like ur example on the right) it gives more natural look…

i’m interested in the result of the brush you have shown on the left…it would be nice if you can post some example image(s) where you have used that brush.

warm regards,


saiko, pretty much all of my drawings use those brushes. Sometimes I’ll only use the hard brush though, without the scatterbrush


Hello , I have simple question to You: for high image res. use 5000x4000 in what dens. 300 PPI or higher, 8Bit // 16Bit for color? And what a computer You are using ?


Goro i’m really greatful to u for this share.


btw can u tell me what max. and minimum size i can attatch in daily sketch.


well, 5000x4000 pixels is a constant size, doesn’t matter if you’re working at 72dpi, 300dpi, or even more (or less)…
Just try this: create a new file in photoshop, 800x600@10dpi. another one 800x600@300dpi; there’s no difference except the relative size for print.
For the last two questions, I’ll just let Goro explain it, as he surely knows it better than anyone else :wink: (personally, i’d like to add that you got a lot more color depth in 16 bits pictures, only your eye may not be able to make the difference between every color shade (65536 levels for each color channel instead of 256 for 8 bit pics). So, speaking for myself, 8bit is enough for sketching, even for illustrations).


Hey, Im dunno if anyone is intrested, but I did this one today in painter…
And I had “by accident” started to record the screen, and forced myself to do
alittle better cause of that :slight_smile:

download the WMV file


Thanks for all the help, guys! This is a truly great thread. Seeing how other artists work never gets old.

I was thinking about one of the problems with Photoshop’s current brush engine–you can’t invert pressure sensitivity so that, for instance, lighter pressure makes the brush larger. This would be useful for some things. Imagine lightly sketching in outlines and/or details, then pressing harder to make the brush larger and fainter. Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to pull this off. However, you can set “color jitter” and “size jitter” to pen pressure and then use white as your foreground color and black as your background color. This gives approximately the same effect, although the brush is opaque the whole way through.


OK. Thanks for help ;D


Hey guys, I have released a tutorial a week ago and I would like to share it with you guys if that’s okay. It’s about Sketching with Photoshop 7.0 (Well, that’s what I used.)

It’s my first tutorial, and I hope it turns out well to you guys. It’s a step by step guide/walkthrough into basically I just mentioned :slight_smile:


Good luck and enjoy! :slight_smile:


great tuts goro, its good to see how other ppl work, much easier then reading about it, maybe there should be a thread with only screencap movies on how to do things.


yeah, thats a VERY nice idea! :slight_smile: a thread with only screen captures!


Here you go, two threads here at cg talk with video tutorials for painting, working on one now for sketching




Here is the finished piece. Well they are never really finished.


This forum has motivated me to continue to learn and draw things I don’t normally draw. Like cars. www.woundedlamb.com www.level5tattoo.com


Great links, goro! But the “Comic character” .rar link is broken. Just so ya know.



Thanx for Brushes and Insperation! Goro, Your stuff RULE!


Thanks a lot for the links to the sketching programs. I really appreciate it! ~Will