I once saw videos by Craig Mullins, but I never had a chance to download them. Unfortunately I can’t find them anymore. Anyone knows where to find them?


Keko - Thanks, I enjoyed your demos enormously!



Am sure you’ve already heard this but thats some dope work… just one Qn Do u use a mouse of a graphic pen to do your painting?

cool work again and cheers





Hi All!

I recently heard about those Craig videos thing.
Someone was searching them too.
So i did a search around and for all Craig Mullins Fans out there
here is a link of a Sijun.com forums thread with links to those files:


BTW, for those, who like me didn't knew,

on the Sijun.com forums, Craig is going under the nick:
[b]Spooge Demon

[/b][size=2]and as Lunatique mentioned:
[/size]“Spooge Demon is not his only nickname at sijun. He also goes by Worthless Meat Sack”


thanks for finding it out :)…

but i can’t not download them :sad:, all links seem to be down :banghead:
could anybody (who has already downloaded those ) upload it to some file sharing site like Megaupload, terboupload, filefactory, Yousendit, rapidshare etc?

warm regards,


hehe if you read on further in that thread someone says “dood, this thread’s from 2002!” anyway, i doubt anyone will have them on their HD’s anymore…but miracles happen i would like to see them too


Sorry, figured out my problem, a mod can delete this post if they see it…


Just dicovered this thread, gotta say wow! Some good knowledge is being shared here!

:bowdown: Thank you for sharing, these are gonna be some good help to me.


is it possible to upload goro brushes for ps 7.0 ?? pretty please. some one please hear me


Hi all!

After receiving a private message
with the info that the links are old and broken,
i went to check it out.

Yes, they are down.



At the second page of the same sijun thread,
somebody had put them on filefactory.
Ready for all you Craig Lovers to download.

Here a direct link to that 2nd sijun page:


Just scroll at the bottom.
The links are there.
I tried them!

All best



Thanks these will be helpful


Anytime I do quick sketches, I’ll always use the same two custom brushes. One is a scatterbrush for laying out colour extremely fast, and the other is a solid brush with other dynamics & pen pressure checked for details such as eyes, hair, and highlighting the edges, or just sharpening up what I’ve done with the scatterbrush. I select a background colour (which in most cases is in the blue hue slight-desat range). I take that colour, and on the side I lay out a darker version of it, and a lighter version of it, so I can easily dip into it when highlighting and laying shadows. I’ll pick a completely random colour, often a purple/orange/red and lay it out on the side as well so I can blend it in from time to time in different areas and the bg.

Using the scatterbrush I can quickly lay down the colour for the basic shape of the area I want, and then go over it with the solid brush for the sketch, and then using the scatterbrush start laying shadows and colour wherever I need to. Nothing (in my opinion) makes painting faster than doing it that way. I also tend to keep it in one layer, and I use the shortcuts for increasing/decreasing brush size. And I blend by hitting alt [often] and dipping while I go. I like blending the background into the foreground as well (using the scatterbrush once again) to give it some atmosphere. That’s my technique anyhewt.


thanks for the tip :slight_smile:
… but could u please post some image of it which would help to understand it more easily for many people (like Me!) …

best regards…


Sure. I’m at work (working hard as you can clearly see), but when I get home I’ll show you exactly which brushes I use. I almost feel guilty using the scatterbrush because it lays the colour out so fast, it feels as if it’s doing all of the work.


I’m home now, just wondering what exactly you would like to see? The exact brushes I use? A step by step quick painting in screenshots?
Let me know


I’m home now, just wondering what exactly you would like to see? The exact brushes I use? A step by step quick painting in screenshots?

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I would like to see what you explained above, in whatever way you feel like…



eep, sorry for the delay, I’m not subscribed to this thread (well I will be now), and had kind of forgotten. I guess when I get home today I’ll just upload the brushes I use, I think I can save them individually.


beyond compare.

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To get the brush on the right, I started with a solid photoshop default brush, checked other dynamics and pen pressure. I typically have the flow at 100% and I mess with the opacity depending on what I’m doing.

The brush on the left I did everything I did with the brush on the right, except I also checked scattering. You can play with the scatterbrush to find a “scatter” that you like. I find it extremely helpful with laying down colours quickly for easy blending. Hope that was a good enough explanation, but let me know if you really were looking for a better one. I can’t show anyone how to paint, but at least for me, having the right brushes certainly does make it easier.