just learning to get to grips with my first tablet - the looking at the screen rather than the paper and having to change the angle I work at - was finding it most frustrating and disheartening so stumbling onto this thread from the Blender forum has been a godsend. You and the others who have posted links and tuts here have been a help to me beyond measure. Must practice, practice, practice !!!

Looking forward to posting some work in the daily sketch forum v. soon.

Thanks again,



I did a little video for begginers :slight_smile:




I’m glad that you find this thread useful. I remember those days when I thought
I could paint better with mouse than with a wacom :slight_smile:
Now I can’t live without my wacom. You’ll get there! And I’m looking forward to your

Gracias por tu tutorial. I added it in the first post.
nos vemos en el foro.


yo goro … where are u these days ? would be cool to see u active in the dsg again :smiley:


Here are the brushes I use. I wish people find their own ways of using them. Some of the brushes seem quite obvious how to use them and on what but some of them are quite handy for many things… Here’s a pic of most of the brushes used in some weird way:

And here’s the abr-file . Done in PS CS, don’t know if they work in older versions. [Filesize: 440kB]

Some of the default Adobe-brushes are included in this set since I do use some of them too. If Goro sees it necessary, put this on the first page too. I mean, Goro has my permission to do that but if these doesn’t qualify, then you just don’t do it. :slight_smile:


I’m Animating my *** off :slight_smile:
And probably move to Korea in a month or so…

Thnx for sharing your brushes. Added on first post!


I did a painting screencapture.i hope this’s useful.
divx 4 M


Thnx for sharing Keko! Link added



I made a new screencapture 500% of original speed. Hope you like it.

port.avi divx6 20MB


I’ve converted Goro’s awesome brush pack (with permission, of course :D) for ps7 users. They might not work exactly like they do in CS, but they do the job.

Hope this helps the PS7 users here. :smiley:

Thanks for this great thread, goro.:applause:Your newest vid was great.


Hi Goro

I love your tutorials. What tool are you using for you screen captures? Are the tutorials capturing just the actions, or are they in real time?



Thnx Venomai. Link added in my first post!

Gord I use camtasia
The software captures realtime
the “port” is 500% of original speed and the jungle 800% I think…




Thanks Goro



Thank a lot, it helpful


np guys glad I can help!

I updated my custom brushes! It’s much more than the last collection this time brushes
of other artists are included. Compatible with Photoshop CS.

I also made a whole new website. Check it out!


Great work there… thanks :smiley:
About to give it a try now :smiley:


I did three more painting screencaptures.i hope they would be useful.

http://www.3dfever.com/keko/newpaintforweb3.rar divx 3m

http://www.3dfever.com/keko/drawingforweb.rar divx 9 m

http://www.3dfever.com/keko/NewPaint.rar divx 7m



Hey thanks Keko. Those are great. I especialy like the one called “newpaint”. Great stuff.:bounce:
Thanks for sharing.


Wow keko, thanks alot.

I realy like your work and seeing your technique in action is realy something.

Thanks alot.


Thnx again Keko!
Added on my first post!

Keep it comin’