Goro: I got it eventually.

To the other concerned with color:
I am not a master myself. (unlike Goro…humble as he may be.) But I try to do a quick painting once a day I dont spend more than 30-45 minutes on it, and it always ends up very sloppy, But I always focus on accomplishing something, Usually my primary focus is creating a mood through the use of color. So I will just start throwing some colors down with a general idea of what I want to create and just go with it. eventually you start to kinda see how light works with color, how color can determine the amount of detail nessicary, etc.

try this: Grab a photo from the internet of something that is cool (a building, lanscape, a cat, whatever.) Bring that photo into photoshop and start painting over it in a seperate layer. Try using only monochromatic colors and see what you come up with. Limiting your color pallete is a good way to force yourself to be more creative with your choices and it is also a very good way to observe the influence light has in the photo.

Again, I am no master, but thats how I do it and it certinly helps me alot.


Goro u are trully an incredible atrist. its just amazing.

i have a question- (i learn phtoshop 7 at the moment), why and how do u change the image size all the time (talking about the jungle video).
another question is that i have wacom tablet, but for some reason the “pen pressure” option doesnt work for me, any idea why it isnt working?


Hi Spiritwalker.
I’m not changing the image size. I just zoom in and out. It helps me to see the painting
as a whole thing. The overall balance of the objects in the painting etc.
If I work on details for a while I lose the vision for the whole image. So I need to zoom
out to see it as a whole thing.

About the pen pressure…well I know only one solution. Try to use the latest wacom
drivers. Maybe it solves the prob.



Hi all, I’m kinda new here and just like to say how great this thread is. I have learnt so much all ready :smiley:

So thanks for creating it :smiley:


hey Goro

thanks for replying, started to use zoom in and out. another question if it is suppose to be pixel when i zoom in (it is isnt it?). got the wacom working and im right now painting my first painting(first thing i work on more then 10 minutes).

is there anywhere where i can get good brushes? i have phtoshop 7

thanks alot, im a huge fan of your work.


I’m not sure if I get you right but yes. Photoshop is a pixel based application not vector.
So if you work in low resolutionns it pixels when you zoom in.

For my speedpaints I use resolutions around 800x600
For detailed images I go for 5000x4000 ore something.

Hmm…the best brush is the standart hard edged round brush imo.
Don’t know where you can get brushes for 7. sorry…

and thnx I’m glad you like my work!


thansk goro, just wanted to make sure it wasnt based on vector.

anyway nothing else to ask for now. (sorry for stupid questions)


really helpful
thank you soo much

you rule!


for people that use Imageshack, i got a tiny but handy programfor you. With this you dont need to go to the website of Imageshack to upload your painting and it works a lot faster especially when you have multiple pics.



gr8 thinkin…glad as a starter 'll req a load full of such info…gr8 startin this thread:bounce:


i did this tutorial for my friends. i hope it helps everyone here. I am not a very good artist, so please forgive me if this doesnt help you.


this one is real media. again, it is not well-painted ><


Thnx for sharing matsuru I added your tut’s in my first post.


Goro, first my compliments on your work! Your work has great atmosphere even through simple lines and shapes.

I was wondering: do you have a clear idea of what the image is going to look like before starting, or do you simply start sketching random shapes which you then use as an inspiration?


Hi Thekkur!
THnx for your comment!
I do both…for example I had a clear Idea on my master and servant challenge.
But for my speedpaints I often just start to block in some colors. Most of the time
I have a basic idea of the environment. But it’s a really rough image in my head.
So I start painting and suddenly I get inspired by the shapes just as you say.

As I painted the little jungle tutorial I had only in mind to paint a junglelike scene…everything
else comes spontaneous.
Sometimes I have a clear image in my head but I also have problems to paint the image
exactly as I want to.
And some other day I’m not inspired at all and I can’t paint anything…then I just block
in some random shapes and start to shade them. Then I get inspired by the shapes again.

So it all depends on my mood and my motivation.




Hello. I too am a new member. Do you like to draw?


hy i was wondering where do i submt the sketch for partecipating at the skeetch of the week forum?:shrug:

Please let me know


Go here. Roberto posts new sketchtopics every day. Each topic has it’s own thread.

  1. do a sketch for the topic
  2. upload your sketch on a server. (if you do not have webspace there are plenty
    of sites giving you free webspace. Get an account and upload the sketch)
  3. reply to the topic you sketched for providing some information like how long did it
    take to finish your sketch and which software and hardware you used and include your sketch.


photoshop + wacom about 2 hours

[your sketch]


Oh and don’t forget to add some witty remarks too :smiley:
Enjoy the stay MoX&Dana.


appologies if it’s been posted…check this excellent link I found on Niklas Jansons website, goes through pretty much everything :applause: in a really nice style.



oh I also found a huge listing for photoshop brush downloads…



Great Kieronh. Very nice links! Thnx for sharing!
I added them in the first post!