hey i check this sketch stuff bvery rarely…should come here more often… just
dropped by to say goro dude u da best man, billionz of great sketches dude…
u only hang around here or do u take part in the competitions n stuff or anything ?


Hey Goro,

Link’s working now.




Hey man
I just want to say
Thanks… ^^,
The videos helped
me alot because! it
gave me some kinda
of idea to start using
open canvas!! and its
very useful for the
newbies like me! :thumbsup: :scream:


For those interested, openCanvas 4 has been released, but it’s only in Japanese. If anyone can work out if the network tool is back in, let me know!



Squibbit: I actually more into the 3D thing. Love to animate characters. I’m currently working on my thesis short. So not much time for paintings thesedays…Deadline is
Monday next week :frowning:
I started painting digital in April 2004. Have a lot of fun with it! But I think Animation is
the right thing for me though.

morbo: np :slight_smile:

erilaz: Just checked the open canvas page. But the network function doesn’t seem to be included. (didn’t download it though. Only read the what’s new section)


I really enjoyed your tutorials. Thanks for putting so much effort to helping newbies. I surely learned something and will try to use that in the future. I just bought a Wacom, but I’m not yet comfortable with using it. But now I have some more input and will practice.

It’s also always good to see other people working with programs, I didn’t know these shortcuts and I think they will help. I like your way of sketching. Also your traditional sketches on your website…

So, thanks again, I think I’ll go home now and play with this opacity jitter :slight_smile:


oh and good luck on your thesis


WOW i didnt know you can set the opacity to pen pressure in PS !! please tell me how to do this !!


Ransom: try this:


Hey everyone,

Been visiting these forums for a while now and never really posting anything, just thought I’d
try and help-- Seems like a couple people were interested in color picking in PS, and most have tablets too…so I thought I’d share my technique: I’ve set my stylus buttons to ALT and CTRL Z…I’ve found this to work very nicely for both Painter and PS, ALT will color pick
and CTRL Z will undo, just makes your painting go a little smoother in my opinion.

If your strictly into OC you can set one of the tool buttons to shift for color picking instead.

Hope this helps and thanks to everyone who’s helped me and shared with their experiences.



In openCanvas you can also set a pen button to be “Ctrl+Alt” to adjust pen size. Is there any way to do that w/ PS? I know in PS the “[” and “]” keys can do this but this would waste 2 buttons (and my little old Graphire2 has no hotbuttons on the pad itself).

One more question about pen setting preferences…do you guys prefer to have pen pressure set to opacity or size or both?

And lastly, as if there wasn’t enough drawing apps out there here’s another good one. Its called Pixia (no, you dont have draw by pixels, this isnt TheDraw). Its got a nice AutoSmooth feature than will straighten your crooked strokes (how much so can be adjusted in Prefs). Also, if you set the Density to be controled by the tablet you get a nice pencil look. Give it a try. Here’s the website: http://park18.wakwak.com/~pixia/index.html

Thanks for all the great tips!


I have it set on both… opacity and size


Hi there,

Another thing I find really usefull on occasions is the setup of flow for brushes in PS. It works like the hardness of your tool.

Also, the percentage of radius(or something like that) of the tool is also nice if you like to paint thicker without punching through your tablet.

For drawing tutorials, check feng zhu(or something similar) site. It was www.artbyfeng.com I think.


Thanks Her0d!, setting my opacity to pen pressure HELPS me A LOT!


If it’s not to much to ask, could anybody point me to some theory or tutorials about using colour for effect. I’m really new to anything painterlike. I only used pencil/pen and paper to crystalise ideas and get the kinks out of my system.

Thanks a bunch.

PS: for more hands on tutorials There are a lot it seems in the painter forum. But I don’t think I’m ready for those yet. I would like to develop more basic understanding first.
PPS:indeed very nice video, also funny I might say to try and follow the cursor over the screen. Some nifty tricks you showed me there. Thanks.


Thanks for this Goro!

However, for some reason my Windows Media Player does not like your AVI. I do have the divix codec…


edit: nevermind. I am an idiot.


We knew you were :wink:

Hehe, quite a nice topic. Pretty odd I only came to notice it was here just yet.

Anyway, does anybody know the shortcut key to the Color Mixer in PS? I’ve been browsing the shortcutkey menu but couldn’t really find it…

Thanks in advance! :smiley:


jmBoekestein well when I started to do digital paintings last year in April I didn’t know
much about using colors and stuff. Same as you I always drew with pencil and paper.
I started to do a lot of paintings using photoreference or from life. Do each day
at least one painting. Spend 30min or 1h for each painting and after a couple of reference
paintings you will get a feeling to use the colors.
The most important thing is to choose the colors by yourself without picking the colors from the reference picture using the eyedroppertool.
It helped me a lot. Try it out!

hmm…it is divx 5.0.5 maybe reinstall the codec or something…or use the VLC media player
I think it’s freeware and includes all codecs.

Lonely PixelColor Mixer? Do you mean the Color Picker? well I’m afraid there is no shortcut for that.


Hey Guys,
I’m pretty new to sketching, but i’ve tried out a few programs; I was just wondering, if you were using say, Photoshop, what brushes do you guys use (other than the stuff already posted by Ballistic and Goro…wonderful guys :slight_smile:
I’m just intrigued as to how people get the styles they create :]


The eyedropper colour picker? Is that what you want? The shortcut for that is ‘I’. as in I-dropper. lol.


I think he meant the color picker…wher you can choose your colors.
You know when you click on the color box in the toolbar on the left.

you can activate the eydroppertool while using the brushtool by holding the
Alt key btw. But it was said several times in this thread I guess