I believe there was a post about it not to long ago in the photoshop section and the answer was no there isn’t a shortcut to the colour picker.


When in brush mode, you can select the Color Picker by holding Alt.
Don’t know if this answers your question…


Mooki don’t know about the strange lines in artrage…sorry :frowning:

Yes it’s the Opacity jitter set to pen pressure right! Then you can mix the colors on your
canvas with alt key when brushtool is selected (as art2 already said).

you can change the brush size on the fly with [ and ] keys in europe it’s , or .
But in CS you can completely customize your keyboardsetup.

Ah and art2 if you or someone else makes some tutorials I could add them in my first post.
Including the name of the artist…that way you won’t need to search the whole thread
for tutorials.



Nice idea for a thread. I really enjoyed the jungle tut.


wow, those were great to watch. especially the jungle one.


Made some updates on my first post check em out! :wink:


Sweet thanks everyone! I just set brush size to one of the touch pads on my wacom works nice i guess. history back to ctrl Z instead of undo then just set it to one of the wacom buttons very useful


Inspired by the excellent .wpe’s I downloaded OpenCanvas ,however when I try to draw, the Ink is appearing offset to the left from the cursor. The ink would appear to be proportionate to where im drawing on the pad but the cursor is off to the right a bit. Ive mucked about in the tablet properties to no avail
Im using Intuos2 and dual screen on a Radeon 9700pro, Photoshop CS works fine but I seem to recall having the same problem with an Alias Sketchbook demo.
Anyone got any ideas? Sorry if its the wrong thread but theres lots of Opencanvas users here obviously :confused:

the odd thing is ive just noticed I can choose file options etc no prob its only when i go into the draw window that the cursor is thrown off


J_Grieve: No idea how to solve it. Sounds driver related though. Did you try updating you wacom drivers? Install the old ones to be sure. While youre at it, do the same for your mouse, they might be conflicting somewhere.


Well although it’s not in photoshop, my painter IX intro videos explain shortcut keys in painter for eyedropper ect and how they are usefull :wink:


Thanks GORO. This is very good stuff. I was watching the AVI that you made about the jungle. Awsome!! :slight_smile:

It is like watching DUSSO sketch!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links Goro!.



Does anybody know or volunteer to make a quick VTM for people like me whos totally new to PS


MWarsame, I think at 3Dbuzz they have some PhotoShop-vtm’s you can download.
Just the first thing that pop into my mind, haven’t seen them though…
but mostly their vtm’s are good.


Hey J_Grieve, I had the same problem. I also have a dualscreen system running. I mentioned you also have a dualscreen running, so I disabled my 2nd monitor. And yep, now it’s working. It’s a pity that it won’t work with the 2nd screen enabled, I have that 2nd screen for this kind of programs :frowning: Anyway, I hope that this will help you.

Greets, theChap.


Hey GORO, do you know which brushes does Dusso use on his Gnomon DVDs??? I bought both of them but I don’t realize which one he is using.

If you know, PLEASE let me know!




sorry no idea…


Thanks anyway



Goro, thanks for being a really unselfish dude and sharing you goodness with us all! You show a very good example of how to share the knowledge. The rest you can’t learn…

Once again, respect!


Hey Goro,

Was just taking a look at the thread and wanted to download Balistics brushes but the link doesnt seem to want to work…any ideas?




Hi Nat!

The link should work again.