Hi everyone!
I thought to start a thread where people can show there sketching technique.
Everyone can post tutorials and brushes and stuff in this thread.
Since I was asked several times to do some tutorials (still don’t feel like I have enough experience for that…) I thought I should start this thread.

I answered some questions in some sketchgroup topics but they get lost.
Nobody will search for the old threads to get some information. So I thought this
could be good as a sticky thread so everyone can share there knowledge at any time.

Thnx Roberto for the sticky feature!

So here are some of my files.

Goro’s Brushes (compatible with Photoshop CS) 2.8MB UPDATED 11.09.2005!
(these are not only my custom brushes. many brushes are collected from other artists)

Speedpainting NEW (11.02.07) Please Digg it in the right column

Hangar 86 painting tutorial

Jungle painting screencapture divx505 AVI 14MB

Port painting screencapture divx6 AVI 20MB


Art Techniques and Theories Forum @ CGTalk
Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art @ CGTalk

Painting Tut (by Telemaco)
Painting Tut (by Niklas Jansson) (thnx Kieronh for the link)
Eye Painting Tut (by Enayla)
Rei Ayanami (by Matsuru)

Freeware Painting Tools:
OpenCanvas 1.1 (check ou network function)
Artrage nice tool for sketches and doodles!

WPE’s (OpenCanvas event files)
done by supervlieg and me (lineart sup coloring me)
done by stephan.s shoque and me (remember those names? :))
done by taron333 and me

Some cool custom brushes of balistic
Various Brushes from www.creativemac.com (thnx for the link jannis)
Huge listing of PS Brushes (thnx Kieronh for the link)

more to come…


thxxxxxx GORO!! it would help a lot!


you are tha man…tnx a lot (K) :stuck_out_tongue:


yes, thank you a lot, i really hope that this thread will work! Fridayeve and the other experienced sketchers, please, make some time (or if you already have some tutorial-like stuff, share with us) and help us, absolutely beginners!


Goro - you are so humble! You say that you don’t feel you have the experience, but your work is always so wonderful! It does help the rest of us who are newer to the process to see how you “great ones” do your work. Especially how fast you can turn out a fantastic sketch when I labor for hours over something mediocre!

It is greatly appreciated that y’all are so helpful and willing to share your skill and expertise. Thank you very much!

[edit: I wish I had PS CS, your brushes won’t load into PS7 or PS Elements :frowning: ]


Argh, I want to use your brushes so bad, but I hate CS.


I loved your Hangar 86 painting tutorial. Thanks for putting this together. Very helpful stuff. Thanks again!



Thanx alot that will help me… i always use HB and i scan it after i use photoshop to edit it.
That take alot of time. Now i think i will save alot of this time thanx to your tutorial.


Thnx guys! I’m gald you like my idea

Here is a link to the software called Artrage. It’s freeware and a great intuitive
painting tool. (without layers and zoom)
Funny to do some sketches with it.


cheers! Goro


Thanks Goro - this is a great idea!


Nice idea goro!

Hope I can contribute (hey, some of you asked for it! :slight_smile: ) as soon I have some time left (and have my website up and running).
Would be nice to see ‘tuts’ by Mat Dixon, Balistic, SirPatroclo, Stephan S (remember that guy?) just to name a few.


I found these links with the search function. They may come useful.


and this link may be less educating, but its fun to see anyhow:



hehe, that was awesome jånnis


Hey Goro. This is really nice. Its such a good thing to see how others do.

Really great job, and yeah. Would be nice to see friday etc. boom off some of their skecthes. BTW. What program do you use to shoot your screenface? Is it freeware?


great idea goro. I’d like to encourage sketchers to do some tutorials and share some stuff, don’t feel embarassed, get it over with :slight_smile:

I don’t use special brushes that much otherwise I would’ve shared them. I’ll save some inbetween stages of the better pieces I’ll hopefully do.


and maybe it’s an idea to merge this thread with the “show your technique” thread art2 started?


Goro: this ArtRage stuff looks cool, but i have some serious issues… it’s too slow for me to draw and it makes strange lines at the end (or in the middle) of my strokes (this lines all point upwards-left)… i don’t see why… maybe it doesn’t like my genius mousepen tablet…

Garma: isn’t the ‘show your technique’ thread about those web-tools you can draw online with and show your process to everyone? that’s fun indeed, but i think this thread has some different purpose.


Couldnt ask for more :smiley: Nice work!


Blame Erilaz, eheheh…

I agree to keep those threads seperate, maybe change the title of the “show your technique” thread.

And I think that further thoughts about this be discussed in the topic suggestion thread or some other thread created for suggestions etc regarding the Sketch Forum.
Just to keep this thread tidy and clean, so you don’t have to wade through lots of text before finding a tut.


hey goro i have a question about photoshop i noticed in your videos and things how you use the eye dropper and change colors but how do you get the colors to blend together with the brush so smooth like a smudge tool?

oh i think i get it do you use Opacity jitter with pen pressure?

also one other question how if possible can i make a shortcut to the Color Picker


ack, yes, you guys are probably right… :slight_smile: but I thought… well the “technique” thread is now of a somewhat limited use (that tool is fun for a while but that’s it in my opinion) so I thought maybe we could make the subject somewhat more broad or something…

forget it :slight_smile: i’m happy anyways.