Hey you guys may rember this from a few months ago. Well because the project was much to large for the amount of pople working on it and the database system we had we at techblurb have been forced to start back at sqare one.

Techblurb will be a free database of tutorials and resources for cg artists. This is something that i myself wish i had many times. but could never find and orgainzed resource for getting tutorials. So tired of searching the web aimlessly I have decided to begin compiling this data base. But I cannot do it on my own. For now the data base will focus on photoshop and maya and from their we will expand onto other software packages. However, to ensure quility I have to build it bit by bit. I would apreciate your help with this.

We do have some rules.

Do not send us links to a site containing a bunch of tutorials. This is exactly what we are trying to avoid. please send us only the link to the actual tutorial.

No offensive materials.

I’m sure their will be more rules but for now this is it.

when it says one_keyword only type one keyword that can sum up the tutorial. for example if the tutorial is about rendering fur. the word to type their is “fur”. get it?

I realy want this to be a great reseource and I hope to get the help of the community on this. Thank you for you time.

ps. Click the links don’t go to techblurb.com we didn’t activate that yet.

Sincerly the techBLUR.


post some feedback on the idea please i would like to make this a great tool for the community.


Haven’t I seen this kind of thread before? Why…yes! Yes I have!


Dude, no need for double or triple threads. Just resurrect your old ones. Keeps CGTalk nice ‘n’ neat. :wink:


I didn’t know that old threads stayed in the system for that long.


Your “other” thread was only a month or so old. The Search options allow for threads up to one year old.

Anyway, good luck with your quest. Once you have things working that is.:thumbsup:


cool idea, id submit one or two but right now there is only Maya and Photoshop in the software catagory, are you gonna be having all the software sooner or later?



as soon as i feel that i have a good amount of tutorials for these two catagories i will move on to others what would you guys like to see next. I plan to work feverishly the next few days to build this database but it is incredably boring to enter all those tutorials in.

let me know what should be the next two packages.


As a begginer myself I would like to see some tutorials on creating spaceship models all the way through to texturing them and adding shaders :slight_smile:


Ok I have started a mailing list on the list. This way I will be able to contact you when your favoriate software packge has been added to the site.

Just go to the link bellow and click Join the mailing List when you get there.


I could be wrong about this but someone asked me to include some tutorials about space ships. I don’t think that it is in the best interest of this project to include tutorials simply because of what they tech you to make. to me the idea of a tutorial is to teach you new skills so you can make what ever you want.

What do you guys think am i worng? should I organize the turials by what they teach you to make. or do the majority of you search for skills rather than specific lessions to build specific things.


hey guys I would like to get some feedback on the organization of the site search. I am a fraid that when the datbase gets realy big I will not be able to find anything. I need a group of catagories to further divide the tutorials. Ideas.


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