I can’t find any tutorials about Combustion so i realy hope you can help me (and other people )


there are some on the discreet site. try there…


that’s all???


the combustion fundamentals coursewear you can get from Amazon and JourneyEd is really good too.


Yeah, sorry bub. There’s not much out there yet in the way of on-line tutorials, most likely because compositing in something other than After Effects is a fairly small group… That and many hobbyists just can’t afford a $4,500US program so there’s no growing grass-roots pressure on Discreet to make more…

So, I guess it’s up to us folks to eventually create some. :shrug:


P.S. I just bought the coursewear book and will get to it soon to add my opinion of it. It has 32 additional tutorials so that can’t do anything but help in learning combustion.


Hi all

Yeah Combustion is really a great and powerfull program !!

These tutorials are the one you can find on www.discreet.com (product, combusiton, downloads, tuts)

I think the tutorials and user guide which comes with the soft are enough to learn Combustion. After that, it is compositing, no specially combustion.

Go ahead !



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