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I am new at CGsociety, but i thought that i could find some tutorials i can watch.
Is there someone who can tell me where to find them or do i have to join payed workshop?

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There are CG Workshops here, but your best bet starting out is going through the help files of your application and using Google.


Tutorials are everywhere. Check out Gnomon Workship, Lynda, Animation Mentor and many more you may find via a Google search. You can also check me out! :rolleyes:


Thank you for your reply!

I understand you, but i thought to find more around here.
I all ready have an account of Digital-Tutors.

I am intresting in Animation characters and animation.


3D Animation Tutorials



be specific in your searches, it might help to read up on CG pipelines, making of articles; so that you know how to properly phrase your questions. “Tutorial” is a bit too broad.

“maya modelling car”, “maya texturing car”, “maya rigging car”, “maya animating car”, “maya lighting car”, “maya rendering car”, “after effects compositing car”

if you were into CG cars, all of those searches turned up seemingly relevant and decent looking (from the thumbnails, durations and ratings) tutorials that would get you moving from a still picture of a road through to an all CG car looking like it might have actually been in the picture. more or less.

Don’t like cars? You like robots? How are robots and cars similar? How are robots and cars different? Even if you did find any results for “maya xxxx robot”, it might be like Wall e and you were after Gundam; the point is that you learn how to get what you want/need/desire from the different tutorials. I felt like I crossed a bridge when I was able to follow tutorials for Maya inside of 3d Max or Lightwave, or vice versa. There are parallels and analogies across multiple areas, beyond the obvious discovery we all make sooner or later, there is more than one way to do everything.

Don’t like cars or robots and you want to make Gollum? Make a car first. Sorry. Ok…maybe make a slug, a worm or a fish first, instead of a car.

Also, I think “Video Copilot” is the largest collection of tutorials, of the highest consistent maintained quality, with the slickest web presence, for free that I know of; and has been such for some time. Mostly After Effects and a little 3d Max.


@Stankluv thank you for the clear story.

Thanks to you all!!!


This is very true. Unless its a specific feature in a specific program you’ll see most of them start with, “This is written for xxx, but you can apply the techniques in any 3D package.” The trick is getting the proficiency in your chosen program to be able to see how to apply things from one package to another.


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