Tutorials, Workshops, Anatomy Reviews & More ... [links within]


Excellent Sequential Art / Storyboarding Tutorial! Definitely check it out:

TUTORIAL - SEQUENTIAL ART by eliseu gouveia


Try out some simple Color Exercises in this informal workshop, where the focus is on group interaction and critique:

[color=White]Color Theory and The Human Figure - NUDITY


Amerasu generously offers her Digital Painting tips and techniques in this outstanding Tutorial based on Photo Reference of nude models ~ definitely worth checking out!

TUTORIAL - Digital Anatomy Painting by Amerasu


An EXCELLENT resource containing links to movies of x~rayed Anatomy, Anatomy sites, and more! Thanks to M.E.L., a CGTalk user and Character TD for this great source of Anatomical information!

Anatomy Resource/Reference - M.E.L.


A sure to be exciting set of Speed Painting Tutorials by the Master Speed Painter himself, m@!

TUTORIALS - Speed Paints Step by Step - by m@


Michael Menter, moderator of the The Society of Figurative Art Forum (TSOFA) offers his valuable advice on Traditional Figure Drawing here:

TUTORIALS - Traditional Figure Drawing - by Doctor Bone


A great Digital Figurative Painting Tutorial (Photoshop) by Elsie, detailing the process by which she created her excellent copy of Bouguereau’s Master Painting, Dante et Virgil aux Enfers:

Tutorial - Digital OFDW 012 Bouguereau Master Copy - by Elsie


A fantastic Digital Character Design Tutorial by our own Modern Master Nebezial:
Character Design Tutorials and Rules

A very nice Digital Comic Coloring Tutorial by warpyy:

TUTORIAL - Comic Pinup Coloring - by Warpyy


Learn how to use ArtRage 2.0 with digital master zhuzhu!

TUTORIAL - Have Fun With ArtRage 2 - by zhuzhu


Learn some great Painting with Textures tips in PS with digital master zhuzhu!

TUTORIAL - Texture Tips in Digital Painting(Photoshop) - by zhuzhu


Carlos Cabrera brings folks 3 great & free Photoshop Concept Art Tutorials:

TUTORIALS - Concept Art with Carlos Cabrera:

A new (3rd) Tutorial has been added as of May 7, 2006.


An excellent step~by~step Digital Painting Tutorial in Photoshop (by DigitalSol) of his excellent OFDW 015 Caravaggio Master Copy:

Tutorial - Digital Paint for OFDW Caravaggio Master Copy - by DigitalSol


A great hand modeling Workshop run by Simo, using ZBrush primarily, but all software packages are welcome:

3D Workshop: Digital Anatomy Sculpture 1! The human hand - With Simon Roth


TUTORIAL SUMMARY - Anatomy Review 003 Shading Tutorial - Tutorial Material Only:

I decided to summarize the Tutorial information so that it would be easier to browse and make use of. Please note that I have closed this thread for posting. Questions, comments, and WIP related to this thread should be posted to the Beginners’ Lounge.

TUTORIAL SUMMARY - Anatomy Review 003 Shading Tutorial - Tutorial Material Only


Experienced artist Thomasphoenix kicks off his Tutorial Thread covering Traditional and Digital Figure Drawing:

TUTORIALS - A Layered Approach to Drawing From Imagination - by Thomasphoenix


Photoshop and Painter Resources:

   The best resource, CGTalk's Photoshop and Painter Forums:
   [Photoshop and Painter Forums](http://forums.cgsociety.org/forumdisplay.php?f=150)
  [Photoshop Tutorials](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=129189)
  [Custom Painter Brushes](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=297940)

External Links:
    [Photoshop Basics](http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/photoshop/l/bllps5out.htm)


Maya Master Steven Stahlberg hosts this great new Tutorial / Paintover thread, in which he corrects and offers advice for nearly finished 2D and 3D work alike:

“PAINTOVER PLEASE” - painted crits on demand - with Steven Stahlberg


Digital Painting Master graciously details his process for creating his fanciful and funny creatures here:

Tutorial - Creature Design by Bobby Chiu


In a well~written Tutorial, artist Dan Silverman graciously outlines the procedure for creating his excellent Open Figure Drawing Workshop 017 Master Copy here:

Tutorial - Master Copy for OFDW 017 - By Dan Silverman


Learn how to get started with a basic materials list for painting with Acrylics:

Acrylic Painting Tips