TUTORIALS - The Head Killer (OC Files from the 50 Portraits Workshop) - by zhuzhu


Hi alls, i have promised share the head drawing’s wpe file before. although i have not killed all 50’s, but some process was samething. so here are the 18 of 50, enjoy~!

 [[b]18 heads WPE download[/b]](http://www.myfilehut.com/userfiles/127274/My%20Documents/heads.zip)    (ZIP file about 11MB) i am not sure the file hosting will work fine forever, so i don't mind someone who put these wpe files on his(her) webspace to share.




What is OC?

OC(openCanvas) is a simple and magical digital painting tools (but only on Windows,can’t work on Mac). the lastest version is 4.06, but the version 1.1 just fine and enough. vist http://www.portalgraphics.net/en/ for more information of OC.

Where can I get OC?

OC 1.1 is free, you can use Google to search the key word “OC11B72.exe”, will find a lot of download links.

What is wpe?

wpe file is OC’s process date, it can be replay like video that you won’t miss each strok! when you save the wpb(the original file of OC),then got the wpe,choose the “Export event file”.


Brush used

Pen/Pencil tool is my all-time favorite.




thanks so much for sharing this zhuzhu!!! downloaded


That’s awesome zhuzhu, thanks! As I mentioned, send me the Portrait images you did by email in a zip file if you want them hosted (I can only do this once). :wink:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



wpe not image files, all heads pics has posted in my anatomy thread. i think people like wpe than image. i hope you download the zip file what i host here, and put it on CGTALK’s web space? like you host all heads refs images, thanks~! cause emial can’t send with 11MB zip file.


Oh, that’s fine, zhuzhu, thanks. (Please leave your files up if you can for a day or so, so that people can test my download). (But like I say, I can’t do this a lot). :slight_smile: And thanks again for the effort that you put into this! :thumbsup:




LOL~ you are fast~~~ haha, just once~ after all, it is good for other people, cause free file hosting not safety and jarless. thanks~!:love:


:wink: It’s absolutely good for everyone ~ you’ve written the most Tutorials on this Forum and probably produced the most work, and we’re very happy to have you and grateful for your generosity. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve added a MIRROR and also added a link to your first post. If this doesn’t work, can someone please let me know? Thanks! :slight_smile:




This is jusst great!!!

nice work zhuzhu!!

I wished only open canvas worked on mac. I guess i’ll just have to boot up that windows on the macbook pro. (with pain in my heart i shall)

it seems i spend too much time on making sure i got the shapes right. You don’t have a lot of trouble with that i see.
I’ll give it a shot sooner or later :wink:



o rebecca,

the mirror works fine :wink:


Thanks Zhuzhu ! :thumbsup:

That’s great and I didn’t know OC, will dig it.

Best wishes !


Rebeccak: thank you very much~!

Nothingness:thanks, i wish i can uesd OC on my iMac G5, but only work on PC. about “make somthing look right”, i think there is not “right” or “bad”, only the harmonious.

Djampa:that’s ok~!


Thanks for this generous offer Zhuzhu. i’ll provide a mirror too if needed.


that’s great~! thanks.


Here is a mirror.


Incredible Zhuzhu. You show the world that it’s not the tool, but the technique that counts.:love:

When can we expect the other 32? :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding man, you rock the world.


This will be my training for the day :wink:

Sit back and watch the Zeeman work :smiley:
*waves at Martin. Am about to post some high res refs from Florence in my thread. So stick around for a few mins before you 'sappear again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just downloaded O.C and the wpe files !Thanks Zhu! :slight_smile: