TUTORIALS - The Book of Bones - by Doctor Bone


This thread is so inspirational and instructive. Thank you so much for all of this. It is a pleasure to look at every single page :slight_smile:


[I]Working On DVD’s

Thought I Should
Post These Feature
Studies Here As Well



[I]Back To Some Basics

Actually It Is Always
About The Basics

Focusing On Features For
A Couple Of Weeks
To Bone Up On
The Finer Points Of
Form & Structure

Have Been Looking At
Vanderpoel And Have
Gotten Some Good Stuff
From His Little Book.

Read The Copy As It
Relates Very Well To
The Little Drawings
Next To It.

As You Can See I Put Most
Of The Studies In Heads
Instead Of Treating Them
As Individual Objects.

I Think That It Is
Extremely Important
To Relate The Parts
To The Whole As
Much And As Often
As Possible.

It Seems To Me That
Vanderpoel Was Well
Understood By Bridgman
As His Book And Hatton’s
Were The Main Sources
Available At The Time.



An Ear


[center]Thought some for you might find
this article in the winter issue of
American Artist Drawing Magazine
of some interest!



Amazing works! I’m going to use it as a reference for studies.


Recent short poses from Tuesday life sessions


My first DVD in the Heads, Faces & Features series is ready to purchase. Volume One covers the structure of the skull and muscles of the face and neck. You can buy it now at:


Hi DOC :wavey: Long time no see. …Congrats on the DVD :thumbsup:

I just ordered it …Can’t wait to get it…should be GREAT:) …You and your work have always been a great inspiration to and for me over the years…Ive learned alot from you, and still am learning alot from you…Just wanted to thank you for that, and for the inspirations that you have inspired in me…THANKS DOC…:slight_smile:
As Always…TAKE CARE DOC…:thumbsup:


Hi Doc…:wavey:

I got the DVD, and watched it…on my big screened TV, while kicking back on my couch no less…LOL…Got to love all of this new technoligy…:smiley:
Anyway…it was …GREAT…:applause: :thumbsup:

You are an Outstanding Teacher, and of course Artist DOC…:slight_smile:

Just wanted to thank you for putting that DVD together…It is, and will always be a most valued addition to my personal library.

Highly reccomended to anyone serious about the study of human anatomy.

Can’t wait for the next one to come out…:thumbsup:

As Always…Take Care,…and Keep Inspired and Inspiring DOC
Glenn / Spirit Dreamer


[b]Heads, Faces & Features
Glad You Liked The DVD
Boning Up For The Features



Heads U Win


These renderings are for a lack of better words amazing. I myself love rendering the human form, but this is breath taking. Thank you for sharing!


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