TUTORIALS - The Book of Bones - by Doctor Bone


The copyright issue is because of the concepts not the words <> changing the name from “landmark” to “destination” <> the difference in my concept is that I have separated the Core landmarks (related to the spine) these of course are the same landmarks that a lot of others have used but in my case I am giving them priority status and have have designated them the “Core 4” landmarks.

So it is not so much about what is presented as how it is presented <> the “Torso Trapezium” © mentler 2006 on the other hand is a concept I have not seem anywhere else, does not mean it is not out there.

The Cranio Index is most certainly the same basic concept as Hale’s 5 eyed line which goes back at least as far as Hatton <> so not a lot of new stuff just new and expanded ways of looking at it.

Hope this clearifles the copyright thing.

Here is more of this Treatise oh the SoFA Forums which you might find interesting
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These are concepts that will be on my DVDs and in books BTW.



Very interesting, thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: I think I can understand about your copyrighting terms, but have to admit that repackaging similar concepts in a new way is hard to justify ~ for example, Anthony Ryder in his book discusses familiar terms such as contour, gesture, and block~in, and does these things in his own way, yet I doubt that he could consider these copyrighted terms / concepts. I do understand that you may have a unique approach to familiar concepts, and obviously respect your knowledge of anatomy very much ~ but I just think that there are certain concepts which are universal, and beyond copyright. That’s just my opinion, though, and it really isn’t important with respect to your approach ~ I think that it’s great that you are doing books and dvd’s, and think that a lot of folks will greatly benefit from them. :slight_smile:

EDIT: After thinking about what you’ve written, you’re right. Heh, sorry for the misunderstanding. :wink:




RK <> enjoying every minute

    Not really a tutorial, but thought some might like to see what I do at a workshop &lt;&gt; this is from one I just did on proportions.




Mentler - Your work always amazes me. Your loose work is so detailed you understand what you are trying to get across. You’ve changed up your board since I was there. I need to get back soon and get another workshop in. I’ll remember to bring the Merlot from my area.



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Tell me you have a DVD already that explains your technique (Credit card is out right now)


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The Devil is in the digits <> The never ending battle

 These are a few studies going back almost a decade

This is an archive of my hand studies going back about a decade.
I started by doing Bridgmans Book of a Hundred Hands <> of course there are several hundred hands in there. Also some refs from Shepard.

Many of these are posted elsewhere, but I thought it would be nice to have them in one thread.
This is more for inspiration than anything else.


Moving forward to the tut

Here are some of mine and some from life and some from ref.


Moving Closer to the Tutorial.
Hands don’t come easy for anybody <> if someone draws hands and feet well it is because they have put in the time to learn to draw them.


Yes Virginia I have drawn a bunch of hands and the still take a lot of thought.


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This is where I really started to learn to draw hands from memory, when I begin to realize that the key was to understand the underlying structure.
Of course we always have a model if we need one.


It is more important to know the function a muscle or group of muscles that to know the names. Function creates form.



Here are a few more recent studies <> I think becoming a master is realizing that you really never master anything only evolve


Hi …Doctor Bone… …WOW…That’s a lot of nice…and hard… work there…:thumbsup: :applause:
very impressive…the hands are great, but that eloquent line of yours…wow…really breaths
life into them…a real pleasure seeing these…glad to hear that your sticking around…I really enjoy
studying your work…very inspireing…:slight_smile:


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Thanks Spirit and Mu

    Just moving a few things over from CA so if you have already seen this stuff I apologize.
    Will be posting new stuff here as it develops.

This a system I developed to learn to draw the skull totally from memory with no reference <> no focus for the past few years has been to learn the draw the figure from without reference in any postion <> the hands above started out in about 98 totally from reference, Bridgman and others around 2002 I started to learn how to do it totally from memory and imagination <> I am not where I want to be with it and never will be.

But here is the process know it is hard to read and I apologize for that in advance!