TUTORIALS - Speed Paints Step by Step - by m@


…now that you have added the text everything is so clear as it can be! It must cost a lot of your time - thx again!

I would be more than happy to see another step by step piece sometime (namely a really different one - ie character because of your great character designs :)).

I also think that text wouldn´t be neccessary next time…


P.S. Don´t take it as a must (homework)! I´m glad for this one and dont expect you spend more time on tuts…


Rebecca : thanks! I’ll post more when I find time to do another tut. ANd thanks for your advertising :slight_smile:

Pixelcritter : glad you liked, thank you.

Devvv : thank you! I hope it will be useful. About custom brushes, I’m sure there are a lot of tutorials on how to create them, on the net.

maranello55: glad it could motivate you :smiley:

sh@ke: thanks!

Gord : no problem, hope it will be useful!

baby : :deal:

Pufferfish : kiitos!

Squibbit : ei kö ?

Libor : I’ll do other tuts when I find some time (and motivation) . :slight_smile:


Originally posted by m@: Rebecca : thanks! I’ll post more when I find time to do another tut. And thanks for your advertising :slight_smile:

Schweet! I think the community really appreciates it. :thumbsup: Looking forward to harrassing you for more tuts! :bounce:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Thank you very much for this great tut! Very helpful! :slight_smile:


Ah wow jumps on m@ you are just the best person in the world ever! Whee ^^ thank you so much, great tutorial.


I know I will :smiley:


You go M@.


Amazing tutorial m@

It inspired me to try it out for myself (not haning done it before).

I started a new thread with the result


Thanks for the contribution


very interesting step by step :slight_smile:

ça t’interesserait de venir bosser à Montreal?? :wink:


cool. this step by step rocks dude, this help me so much to start some works.



Thanks a lot for this! I had been lookin through the daily sketch threads and other speed paints - and Im still “drawing the lines”.

That seems “slower” to me, so Im defintely going to try this way out!


Damn i want to be able to do that, that is truly awesome!


Thanks for the great tutorial Master MV, its extremely useful.:thumbsup:
Best Regards bro,


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