TUTORIALS - Speed Paints Step by Step - by m@


Hello all!

Well, it’s not yet a tutorial, but here’s a little step by step for a 1 hour no ref speed paint… I definitely should have grabbed refs for the horses, but I was impatient :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, I hope it can be of any use !


I really like your speed paintings so its really nice to see this … I will have to take a closer look if I can learn something from one of the best speend painters around hehe :slight_smile: thx for your effort :thumbsup:

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Oh, I can tell this thread will be sweet! Thank you, m@! :bounce:

BTW ~ would you mind terribly if I altered the title so that it’s:

TUTORIAL - Speed Painting - by m@?

Spiffy! :bounce:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Rebecca : then make it “tutorialS” And I’ll collect my eventual other step by step and such here :slight_smile:

Slux : thanks ! hope it’ll be of any help.


Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! :bounce:Done!


Okay, you’ve been linked in the Sticky Thread here:

Tutorials, Workshops, Anatomy Reviews & More … [links within]

(see last post)

Will be advertising this later today. :slight_smile: Mathias, you should tell us a little biographical information so that your fans might be appeased. :wink:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hooooraaaaaaaay for m@ ! :thumbsup::applause::bowdown::beer:


Great! Thank you for your time! Its definetely useful:thumbsup:

I think its not just an accident that you´ve got such nickname it describe your attitude so well…



That looks fantastic!..thank you!!


Amezing stuff!!

Thanks so much :slight_smile: .


hey, this is cool :slight_smile:


Thanks! glad you like. I updated the first post with a little explanation.



Sweet explanation! Thanks for adding that ~ that was definitely an interesting read! :thumbsup:

Really nice to hear your thought process…it’s really clear, and really shows up in your work. :slight_smile:
Looking forward to more great stuff! :bounce:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I for one am not a ‘reader’. but going over that was a piece of pie.

awesome stuff m@! :bounce: when i see your sketches I think of an early Craig in the makings.

keep it commin we’re all anxious to see the next one.


A tutorial thread by m@. This must be a dream come true! I’ve been following your work over at Conceptart.org for quite some time because they are so beautiful. I hope to pick up a few tips from this thread.

I love drawing in photoshop but one of my biggest problem is knowing how and where to apply textures to my drawings to make them more visually appealing. If you have time, could you post a tutorial of how you apply textures via custom brushes to your drawings? Anyways, thanks so much for posting this thread. I hope to see more stuff soon!

p.s: Thanks to Rebeccak for asking m@ to do this. (I read your post over at CA.org asing m@) :slight_smile:


[b]MUST…PP…PPPAINT…URGHH… /b :smiley:


thanks M@ for sharing the tutorial~saw alot of ur stuff in sijun speedpainting thread and i totally dig it:thumbsup:


Thanks for the glimpse into your working process - so much remakable work has come out of it!



now you’re ready for a little simple job




Incredible stuff… as usual.
Please keep doing these… really helpful.


hehe, nice