Tutorials Galore *updated December 12 2003*


I did not find any tut on the net so finally I have decided to write my own version. Its in pdf format but i have no space to upload so. If any noob want to have a look. Ask me



I have also written a wine shelf tut in pdf format. Its a comprehensive for noobs like me.





Nice tutorial database for all the major 3D Software progs.



…Im in need of a toturial for tree+grass+water making for games, please help, Thanks alot. Trust me, iv done my searching, iv found some, but they are not so good, old, and not about games

Oh, nice idea would be to delete this thread and make a renewed version… huh? It would require alot of work but the result… the end result would be so rewarding


Modeling and posing a chain


I’ve recently started working on a website providing free 3ds max tutorials, the first one’s are here, visit www.enjoycg.com to view them all for free!!

links to bigger images:
[li]neon (or lightsaber), using Mental Ray[/li][li]UI customisation[/li][li] Clay rendering, different techniques[/li][li]terrain, grass[/li][li]lighter, model and materials[/li][li]P flow basics, homing missiles[/li][li]Caustics , using Mental Ray[/li][li]Reactor basics[/li][li]modeling and texturing Pottery[/li][li]Mental Ray lighting, using GI and FG[/li][/ul]

to show you these tutorials are worth the download, I’ve won a competition at www.3dkingdom.org a while ago:

If you like these tutorials please post about them on other forums and tell your friends, you can also register on our forums if you need help (or want to help others)


Thanks for the great post.


I was browsing around internet today and found this link from one other forum…


I checked it out and seems like they have pretty large collection of tutorials.


I would like to add a site to the first post, could not find this one listed there

some great tutorials

also I did not see this site listed


Wow, very nice list. I just got Autodesk 3D max and plan to dabble in it while i work to get my B.Sc in CS.


some of my tutorials are released at www.CGArena.com :wink:


If you all want, I could take care of the list of links on this topic (checking the links, correcting them, or plain erase them if it’s necessary) and post an updated list on a new post. Hopefully that would be useful but I don’t know if this thread is still alive as I’m new to the forums :stuck_out_tongue:
Just let me know if it’s worthwhile to update the thread.


Cool site … have some tuts :thumbsup:


lol, check this link under MAXSCRIPTS


spent 45 minutes on the site and still can’t find the script :stuck_out_tongue:


There is a detailed tutorial about modeling a 3D human head with polygons on my site:




Thanks For The Greate Topic :love:


I made some tutorials on box modelling

I decided to make a video tutorial of my box modeling procedure. I modeled a spacecraft from a shitty sketch. People learn how to model better with free video tutorials :smiley:

I have them encoded as .wmv format, 800x600 (for photoshop) and 1024x768 (for 3ds max)
The files are rather lightweight, given that I made a 86mb video that is 56min long.

There are three videos, just watch them in order if interested. If it does to slow, skip ahead. If you think I’m annoying to listen to, mute me. But hey, they’re free!



I can’t download.
Is it free to download from that site?
I got a user name pass but I still can’t download. How does it work?


The download was broken when I tried it. I reposted them on SendSpace:
new links:

They’re posted in the order that you see above.
http://www.sendspace.com/file/d43el6 Vid1
http://www.sendspace.com/file/lpeoay Vid2
http://www.sendspace.com/file/m8mrou Vid3