Tutorials Galore *updated December 12 2003*


Más tutoriales en español en http://www.3dimens.org/tutoriales.html


is good,thanks, thanks,thanks!




there are some video tuts of particle flow bye particle guru Brandon Davis




can you guys point out the best tutorial for a total beginner, as in never did a 3D image before in any 3D software kinda newbie like me?

thanks! :smiley:


check out 3dbuzz.com




Dear friends

Such as before i couldn`t find a perfect tutorial for mental ray in 3dsmax 6.0.

Thanks everyone who knows it.:bowdown:


u r very cool!:thumbsup:


erm, let me ask for recommendation,
I have no basic of 3d, about to start now.
in my hand is 3dstudiomax6,
which tutorial should I go through for the basic. Can’t really find it in the web,
i’m considering to buy a book.


a bunch of these have gone missing… perhaps they can be mirrored if the
author’s don’t mind?


selfish, books are pretty good, but they focus on learning the tools, not specific modeling, rigging, etc.

thanks so much for this wonderful list of tutorials, and i have to say, i am going to try and get through most of them :beer:


I have’nt tried these tuts, but I did have a quick browse through the Lara Croft tut and it has some good info in it. It would be ok with any rig, you dont have to have character studio.

Modeling, Texturing and Animating low-poly Lara Croft in 3ds max

Lara Croft (Part I)

excellent 3D Studio Max tutorial for Character Studio. In this part, you will learn how to model low-poly Lara Croft from well known game and the movie - Tomb Raider…

Lara Croft (Part II)

In this part, you will learn how to texture low-poly Lara Croft model.

Lara Croft (Part III)

Modeling, Texturing and Animating low-poly Lara Croft. In this part, you will learn how to make some basic movements of our low-poly Lara Croft model.

A Liquid-tutorial

liquid-tutorial which shows you how to create cool liquid-effects…

A “holography” - animation

This tutorial shows you how to create a holograghic imagein the material editor and how to animate materials.

Wire To Solid

Make transition from solid to wired picture using 3DS Max and Photoshop…Useful for demo reel

Bullet Time Bullet Trail v.2 - Follows Turns

Matrix Bullet Time Bullet Trail V.2 is Faster, Easier and Follows Turns…

How to model Dragon Wings

This tut shows how to model Dragon Wings with the bones and skin in between attached to the bones, ready for animation.

Hand and Arm Rigging tuts - from James Haywoods CROI Project.

There are quite a few different rig setups here from basic to complex.

Images on this webpage show the objectives of these tutorials.

Mapping using Reactor Cloth
Curtain with reactor
Making of … The Hunch-Backed Angel
Car Rigging
Deform Paint Tutorial #1 Download Paint Modifier Plugin.
Deform Paint Tutorial #2 Download Paint Modifier Plugin.
Hair Modeling using Paint Modifier #3 Download Paint Modifier Plugin.


thanks man, nice introduction to rigging scripts and love the cloth mapping tut for flattening your mesh :thumbsup:


hey, i have downloaded both the paint deform modifier r6 and and paint modifier plugin, so where do i place them in max and how do i initialise them?
i really like how it works…so please tell me how to have this work



I’ve been testing some tutorials and i’ve found several wrong links. Those are just from the first post (visualboo). Sorry, no more free time for now.

Hope that helps someone.

http://www.exchange3d.com/main/index.php FOR http://www.exchange3d.com/new3d/index.php (No tutorials?)
http://www.topleftpixel.com/ila_solomon/Tutorials.htm FOR http://www.ilasolomon.com/tutorials.htm
http://www.x99online.net/ (Something is wrong with this one)
http://www.deviantart.com/thumbnails.php?section=3dsm FOR http://digitalart.deviantart.com/3d/ (Where are the
http://danielbuck.net/tutorials.htm FOR http://danielbuck.net/index.php?page=tutorials
http://www.atomic-animation.com/boolean_reminders.htm NOT WORKING
http://www.dutch-gamers.nl/~karabo/tutorials/car/index.html NOT WORKING
http://www.lizard-head.com/Tutorials/MaxHairTutorial/Tutorial_MAX_Hair_1.htm NOT WORKING
http://www.jonesinc.com/inktutorial5.html FOR http://www.jonesinc.com/inktutorial1.html
http://www.raven-nation.com/fil.htm NOT WORKING
http://www.3dtotal.com/ffa/tutorial…rc/joanmenu.asp FOR http://www.3dtotal.com/ffa/tutorials/max/joanofarc/
http://www.controlzed.com/greg/3dtipstree.html NOT WORKING
http://www.rubberflex.com/RubMap/rubmap2.htm NOT WORKING
http://www.ruff-stuff.com/3dmax/Tutorials/Scripting.zip NOT WORKING
http://www.suurland.com/tut_smoke/tutorial_cigarette-smoke_r3.htm/ FOR http://www.suurland.com/tut_smoke/tutorial_cigarette-smoke_r3.htm (Just the last slash)
http://www.uvmapper.com/ NOT GENERIC TUTORIALS (Maybe it should be removed)
http://www.3d-sdp.com/water%20tutor.htm NOT WORKING


spline car modeling really great tutorial!

and another great place for Car blueprints

i found Tutorial - Boxmodeling a car

How about some avi tutorials

3dsmax HDRI Tutorial (Video)

Nice video tutorial car modeling max 5 lotus elise

for more visit http://www.smcars.net/ in thire forum


thanks:thumbsup: .thanks for your help!!!


wow i think i should download all tutorial you’all posting
thanx a lot bro :love:


Thanks! I’m in th middle of my fifth (out of six) week of class and I’ve already gone thru two models that aren’t very good. I wish I was back on campus, I love the online classes, but I miss the fellowship of the computer labs. This is a great resource!


Thanks for the great tuts, once my new copy of 3dmax7 arrives I am going to get back into it. Been a while since I touched 3dmax need to start up again and have some fun.