Tutorials Expalining Maya Utility Nodes



I’ve always had soo much trouble not knowing what the Maya utility nodes do and what situation calls for which one to be used. For example these: Array Mapper, clamp, condition, contrast, hsv to rgb, luminance, remap colour, remap Hsv, remap Value, Set Range, the math nodes ect… (also please expalin if u can, what type of Data shader slots accept in term of the Input being RGB or just a single Alpha. Because sometimes maya shaders dont accept the nodes i plug into them and this reeeeally is annoying because i dont know what the issue is)

For those brilliant texture/shader Artists out there, could u please be so kind to explain what these Maya Utilities do. (Or refer Links to tutorials that explain them)

You dont have to explain all of them, just what you use the most and comfortable with.
Do it this way: Name the utility, explain its function, and tell us what situation you’d use it in.

kind regards


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