TUTORIALS - Digital Painting Video Sketchbook - by Bobby Chiu


Pure inspiration. Thank you bobby!


Thanks a bunch bobby, you are great!! :slight_smile: Your work is truely inspiring…


These videos are very inspiring, many thanks.

I’m always interested in what sorts of brush settings people use. It looks like you’ve got a fairly transparent brush there. What sort of setup do you generally use?



thanks for a great material Bobby

now I feel the power inside :slight_smile:


wow. That hit to me and hard.
I really got inspired what you talk about makeing art, learning and shearing.

I have always thinked shearing your knowlens is in the end give more to you than you give to others. And it’s so nice to hear someone else talking about same thing straight from his hard.

I have to admit this was most emotionaly touching cg/art talk I have ever hear. This should be in mp3 in the peoples playlist when thay do art.


thx man.
like somebody said earlier,so cool to hear your opinions and thoughts while you make this

thx alot.


Thank you Bobby, I could relate to a lot of things you covered in your videos. Painting while talking about your views, thoughts, experiences is such a great way to get your point across, valuable to any artist out there. I can say the things you covered really had a positive effect on me and I’ll be looking forward to more videos from you. Thanks for speaking your mind without restraints, very refreshing. I watched all your videos, they all bring something unique.

see you around the forum :slight_smile:


already saw them this weekend, glad to see them plugged :)… bout time lol


Hey Bobby,

First of all, thanks a bunch for the information you’ve given us, through language and through drawings.
First off, I’m amazed by your ability to chat AND to draw, I went to art school since I was 13, and even today I still cant combine both aspects…You sure you’re human?
Also nearly chocked to death from laughing while you screamed the comment for the concept artist who hated his job, very amusing.
You should go on with this man! You rock at it, had a great time watching the videos, and learned more in those minutes than I did in years. Specifically when you brought up the topic around various styles, and how to master your own style.
Just like NR43, I’m going to draw right now, even though I’m tired as hell.
My motivation is there, and as long as it’s around, nothing in the world stops me from achieving my goals. You have proven that.

Thanks again for these inspiring, and most of al, motivating words.
I’ll never forget this.



Thanks alot Bobby

u r so kind :slight_smile:


Jesus, believe it or not, I have literally tears in my eyes and flowing down my cheeks while I am writing this, I’m not kidding you! I just came back from watching your videos. It’s such an incredibly HUGE relief to see and HEAR you saying all these things, Bobby Chiu. To see someone who actually MADE it to say all this. And to see you made it with you art BECAUSE of your mindset and BECAUSE of your attitude and not DESPITE of it. Your thoughts and the things you say are so true and they so match with exactly what I deeply believe in myself, it’s almost scary! The story of what you decided to do to reach your goal and of what you had to go through sounds so much like what I am going through right now, this is not even funny. All the things you said, you could have ripped them all directly from the deepest of my heart (except, I’m NOT going to give up alcohol ;)). In this world where money seems to be the most important thing and people define their own value and judge other people by how much money they make and what position they have at the corporate career ladder, you are coming out and saying out loud for everybody to hear all these things I did not dare to say myself for the fear of being laughed at and not understood. It’s so sad that nowadays if you want to follow your heart you have to do it in secrecy. It’s so said you cannot show what you really feel and keep your dreams for yourself, until maybe you actuallly reach them, because before that nobody is going to take you serious (except, when you say you want to be make a lot of money and make the so called “career” - everybody understands THAT bullshit)… Sad this world where people are looked down at when they want to live they passion instead of hunting after scraps of green paper. So hard to be an artist and be actually respected. But you, Sir, are giving me hope and strength, to see you made it with this mindset is so incredibly inspiring and encouraging… I already decided for myself a while ago that I want to become an artist no matter what, even if it means I would have to live in a dingy appartment and go by bus for the rest of my life, but your words strengthen me in my decision. I am not kidding you, your words were like an epiphany to me. There are really no words to express my feelings and my gratitute to you, so all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you and take care!!


Almost cried many times. Thank you.


That was very inspirational. It almost brought me to tears, I need to work harder myself. Thank you for that :slight_smile:


Thank you all… I feel a little booger start to liquify. sniff sniff :smiley:

Thanks to all those that showed me love by leaving your comments. :love:

The only thing that I regret was that the paintings tend to turn out worse than usual but I wanted it to be more about what I was saying than what I was sketching. I feel it’s necessary for people to hear some of these things so I thought it’d be fun to talk about all the same topics I talk about with my friends.

As corny as it sounds “never give up.” If you just never give up, have a plan to achieve your goals and have some common sense, you’ll be fine.

Right now I have some deadlines with EA but I’ll make another vidcast soon.



Hi, your theory about being an “artHlete” interests me. I started painting again after seeing your videos.



this is really really nice, I think this is what this forum needs, more tutorials so that us who suck can learn from the masters! :wink: Well done!
And thanks a bunch Bobby! Verry well spoken! :wink:


Boby Chiu, once more thanks, these are great !

Rebecca thanks for the reminders, hope to be back with you online soon.

Best wishes everyone !


very inspiring both the visual and the verbal,
I enjoyed listening as much as i enjoyed watching ,
thank you so much for sharing with us your knowledge thoughts and insights, much apritiated.


I just got a wacom and was wondering how to enter the digital painting realm.

This is going to be of great help!

Excellent! Thank you so much.


Great videos Bobby. Inspiring. Really like the added story of Honda.

I really also enjoy how you promote ‘how does the artist think’. Your methods are really good.
I started laughing sometimes, because your words are real and true. It’s great to hear truth from another person’s perspective.

I also see these video tutorials/blogs are a great idea.

I went to your website too, and wow. It’s great to see how much you really excelled and improved. Love the fairy stuff in your folder. Topnotch quality.

Still have some more videos to watch . . .