TUTORIALS - Digital Painting Video Sketchbook - by Bobby Chiu


its incredible. i watched you paint the geisha and old man and it still baffled me how you went from a bynch of grey blobs to such an intricate piece. i want to see the rest of the samurai…i am left feeling incomplete now. lol.


hey great vids would love for u to show us wot brushes and settings u used for these vids i can then understand more how u paint


your videos and the things you mention while you draw were a real treat. thanks a lot for sharing, i look forward to your next video.




Thanks for all the feedback guys! I really enjoy doing these vids. It’s like having my own tv talk show

I’ve uploaded a new video at the first post on this thread. Check it out!



Hi, Bobby. Thanks again for sharing!


it’s at the first post of the thread


Or you can go here http://www.imaginismstudios.com/youtube.html


Thanks Bobby. :slight_smile:


bobby! Thank you so much for that nice talk on the first video…you are seriously woken me up from the big sleep and reminded me all those thingsss. :bounce::bounce:



Since you stated in your latest monologue you appreciate feedback…
Your vids do have a huge effect on me…
perfect example:
last night I was really tired from a hard day at work so I wasn’t doing anything really until I saw your vid.
It was just the kind of peptalk I needed and when it was finished I immediately started working for 2,5hrs.
I went to bed and slept really really well.

Next time I am catching myself lying in the sofa thinking I’m too tired to study, I’ll think of what you said (and hopefully lift my lazy arse :slight_smile: ).

Thanks again man


Thank you very much for the videos, they were great motivators.

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask questions but here goes…

  1. in the video you start blocking straight away, do you ever sketch a piece of work then scan it in ? If you do sketch, after scanning do you block in the major colours first, or do you block in the masses in greyscale first? Which approach do you take?
  2. As hellsgfx mentioned, it will be great to know your brush settings to understand more about how you paint.
  3. I am considering purchasing your book on “FAIRY SKETCHES”, it is stated that there are tutorials inside. Is it possible to have a glimpse at how detailed the tutorials are? And how many are there?

I am sure I have many more questions, just that I can’t remember them at the moment.

Thanks again for sharing !


True stuff, NR :slight_smile: The videos are a great motivation, and not a fake one. I like the speaks on the videos. Funny, I read thoughts of another artist (one from my country) who said that how good you are at painting or drawing is only 10% talent, just as you did in the video. It has really become clear that everyone can draw. So I’ll just go now and draw or paint something :smiley:

Thanks for your time, Bobby.


Time to plug this…


awesome vids! Loved hearing about what you had to say! Really helpful to hear this from an artist! sometimes i do wonder…am i the only who struggles so hard…lol. well Any chance of maybe providing a download of the recent ones you have made so I might archive them for times when I need an inspirational jump! And thanks for providing these to us!


Excellent thread! Extremely useful and inspiring for the CGTalk community and beyond, the techniques and words of advice are much appreciated

Thank You!:applause:


here’s how the speed painting turned out on the third attempt.


thank you very very much bobby…:thumbsup: love the tutorials…


Thank you Bobby, for the invaluable words.


im watching right now and i realy stunned. thank you very much for this great artistic gunpowder. its like a therapy.
thanks dr. Bobby :slight_smile:

btw. that email at 2nd part was nice, answer as well.


I had all your videos playing the background while working, checking in every now and then to see how it progressed :slight_smile: It doesn’t matter if painting is not my main art, your inspiring words spanned across all sorts of creative tasks. I enjoyed listening to your stories and advice :thumbsup: