TUTORIALS - Digital Painting Video Sketchbook - by Bobby Chiu


Hey Bobby

First of all HUGE THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS :slight_smile:

Second i have questions :

  1. You say in the studio you try to read one artbook each day.Can you recomend me some of those books you are reading?

  2. What is the best way(acording to you) to learn linear structure? Books recomendations or tutorials,advices anything is VERY APRECIATED.



can you tell me what kind of brushes are you using in the videos? and what settings are you using for the brushes.

thank you.

great videos.


Hey guys sorry I’ve been just crazy busy with things lately but I’ll try and reply to those questions soon! In the meanwhile I’ve posted new videos on the first page of this thread. Hope you like them


Thanks a lot for these podcasts Bobby! A lot of the stuff I already did know and agree with, but hearing it from someone else is always a reassurance-and also a motivater.

So thanks and I look forward to hearing more! :slight_smile:

Oh and about that guy who said you’re doing it for the money…it’s a shame that people like that can affect us, but they do, even though they shouldn’t. I’ve had it happen many times that someone who didn’t even know me made a false assumption based on bs and it gets to me everytime. The bad things in life always tend to stick out more than all the good unfortunately.
So, just try not to let people like that get you down, you’re a great guy for taking the time to spend doing the things you do for the community, we all know that, and are very grateful! :slight_smile:


Thanks Roja. I really appreciate it.

It’s really stupid of me to let that one comment effect me so much when there’s been so much positive feedback. I’m over it now and I’m learning to concentrate on the good things in life and not letting the little bad things effect me anymore. Just took a little getting use to I guess.


First of all no one can do something like this just for the money.You have to love it,you have to feel it…

And no matter doing it for the money or not Bobby is helping hundreds of young people out there to make something in their lives.That MUST be respected…

Bobby just keep what you are doing :thumbsup:


Thanks for the latest movie, its great.

I did life drawing for a few weeks in College, but since starting University I have not had any chance to due to the Campus not having any life model. If I am going do life drawing, its going to have to be elsewhere, but where? :sad: I enjoyed how fast I improved in such a short amount of time. I have replaced life drawing with drawing anatomy from books.


StefanStavrev - Thanks very much. I appreciate the kind words my friend.

Fl3wk - try sketching outdoors. It’s challenging and a great exercise

Here’s a videocast of a creature painting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yit95pgZEeo


Your words are very inspiring :slight_smile:

I love the last tutorial


Bobby, I’m glad you’re feeling better. As always, thanks for taking the time to share your wisdom with us. I have to say, I’m still more busy doing art for others as opposed to myself, but since you started posting these in late October, early November, I’m definitely in a “better place”. Not sure how else to explain it. I am making more time for my art and producing more even though I am no less busy. I’m more concious, purposefull and confident as I work, and the results can’t help but be better. IF there’s one thing I’ve learned from you it’s putting myself in the right state of mind. In everything, any given art piece, the nerver ending learning process, and the overall direction you want to move in with art, personally, professionally, or whatever. It’s about getting in the right state of mind.

Again, thank you!


Heya Bobby,

I just wanted to say what you’re doing is just great and very motivating for aspiring artists like myself. I’ve listened to all of your pod casts, and have to say it’s currently one of my addictions now! :thumbsup:

Thank you for the contribution and time to the community, Bobby. I’m looking forward to hearing the next one, keep rockin’ it!


ace! so inspiring as usual!


Great stuff! :slight_smile:


hey bobby. can you please tell me what settings you use for the video files? What codec and codec settings? thanks.


wot program is that u used in the latest painting


StefanStavrev - thx!

werepumpkin - You got it. Putting yourself in the right state of mind a (lot of times) will be the difference succeeding and failing or having a good day or bad. Thanks so much for the comment. I’m very glad my videos can effect you in a good way.

ENCOD3 - thanks very much. you’re awesome.

AnimZiggy - Thx Ziggy!

Rebeccak - Thx Rebecca!!

michael-olszak - These video are just youtube videos. I don’t know their compression settings

hellsgfx - Sketchbook Pro

a digital lifedrawing I sketched while teaching class in Sheridan. The great thing about digi lifedrawings are that you can peel away the layers to see all the steps! Everything is usually drawn according to importance so initially the face of the man was sketched in super quick just to get the direction of the face down and not necessarily the exact likeness of head.

Here’s some subway sketches from April 1st, 2007

And here’s my NEW VIDEOCAST. In this video I’m talking about my experiences in California and my new online school where I’ll be conducting a digital painting techniques class. http://www.schoolism.com . shameless plug* :stuck_out_tongue:

here’s what the sketch from the video looks like. It was inspired by an old man I saw on the subway the other day.

I’m heading off to Calgary Alberta tomorrow for the Calgary Expo on Sunday! This is my first time in Calgary and I’m one of the invited guest artist so I’m pretty excited.

Here’s a pic I did for the back cover of the Calgary Expo Artbook. I think everyone that attends will receive one so come on by the Imaginism Booth #908, 909. I’ll be happy to sign the back cover.


Bobby,you never disapoint me :slight_smile:

Wonderfull style you got there.

And this school stuff,man,IT WAS ABOUT TIME someone thought of this finnaly.Wonderfull thing,wish you guys all the best with it and expect me maybe next year (when i start getting some money) :slight_smile:

Cheers and all the best


Thanks again, Bobby. And kudos! Hope you enjoy Calgary. Be safe.


StefanStavrev - thanks very much. The schoolism site is going fantastic.

Werepumpkin - Calgary was a blast! Thanks

Here’s a new painting I did for Alberto Ruiz’s Eye Candy book. He drew it (from his Pistolas book) and I painted it. I wanted to keep it creative and incorporate his lines in the painting as well. This was very much experimental for me


Watch video of initial Sketch Pt1

Watch video of initial Sketch Pt2


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