TUTORIAL - Watts Atelier Figure Tutorial - by Gist


Thanks for the tutorial Erik. This will be a great help.

NR43: Here in Germany it would be Gottfried Bammes (taught in Dresden). His book “Die Gestalt des Menschens” is a (literally) heavy-weight classic, I believe he was a contemporary of Loomis. It is only available in the German language though, but drawings are drawings …


Thank you. Will see what I can find on those names and try to find simularities and differences (just for the fun of it)

Thank you Maria… I’ll see what I can find on him.

Erik, About the tuturial:

In chapter 5, developing forms, you talk about edges, namely soft, firm, hard and lost edges. What are lost edges?

Thanks again, it’s been very helpful already. I just have to put it paper now :slight_smile:


A lost edge is more of a visual idea. They occur when when the physical contour of a foreground object is near indistinguishable from the background. In the image below there are several examples, but the clearest one is the way the edge of the head is “lost” into the background.


I see… like the heel of her left foot meeting the surface (almost)
Thanks for clearing that up.


Whoa Nice shading!


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