TUTORIAL - Watts Atelier Figure Tutorial - by Gist


Hi my name is Erik Gist and I teach at Watts Atelier. I thought I would introduce myself with a figure drawing tutorial I put together. I hope you find it helpful, and please let me know what you think.



I am an admirer of your work, thank you for posting here! :slight_smile: Fantastic tutorial - I think I have run across this before - and it’s great to see that you are now a part of CGTalk. Would love to see you post some more of your work to the forums. :slight_smile:

I have included your post to our Notification thread here. Anyone subscribed to that thread should become aware of your Tutorial. Thanks again!




Thanks Rebeccak,
here is some more of the tut


Extremely well put together, thank you Erik :slight_smile:


and one last part


erik: thank you SO much for this extremely valuable tutorial…anymore coming soon? i really hope so!


Wow, thank you very much Erik. This is xtremely helpful to anyone at any level.:slight_smile:


Awesome, Erik, thank you! You shouldn’t have to wait for any more of your posts to be validated (all new users have their 1st 2 posts manually validated) - hope to see you active on the boards! :slight_smile:


Rebeccak-Thanks so much, if that is your work I have seen over at CA I am a fan of yours as well

To everyone else thanks- and I definetly will be around more, and I am working on a head drawing tutorial next. They take me awhile though so don’t hold your breath. In the mean time I invite any of you in the southern California area to stop by Encinitas and say hi to me at Watts Atelier or with San Diego Comic Con coming soon come say hi there. I always like meeting other artists.



Awesome, thanks so much! That is a really nice compliment coming from you. Your work is fantastic, it’s nice to see talent of your caliber reaching out to share your work with everyone. :slight_smile:

I’m going to try to make it down to see Comic Con, and maybe catch a day or so of SIGGRAPH. I was just in LA visiting and plan to move out there at the end of May, ostensibly to start teaching in the LA area. Would definitely like to meet you and other awesome artists at Comic Con if I can make it down during that time - having never been, I am sure I am in for a shock.

Looking forward to the head tutorial - I’m sure lots of other interested folks will be subscribing to your thread. :slight_smile:


Hi, Rebecca! Thanks for letting me know about this tutorial.

Gist: Great job! This is very thorough in a very small ammount of space. VERY efficient explanations. Thank you for sharing!


hey GIST…first i want to thank u for posting such a great tutorial which is amazing in terms of simplicity and information! and i’m surely subcribing to this thread, and eagerly looking forward for the next ones to come…

thanx Rebeccak for posting this to the “New Open Figure Drawing Workshops / + TUTORIALS -


This is so very useful! Thankyou very much Mr. Gist!
I’ll be sure to start working on anatomy drawings now- This makes it seem so fun.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

(Too bad I don’t know how to subscribe to threads. Being new here has its flaws. :confused: )


awesome tutorial, thank you!
any chance there will be a PDF of entire tutorial available?


Right now I’m only glossing this over, but wow. Very thorough and well put together. I need to download these so I can look at them at later times. Maybe later, you put these in a zip file or pdf?


This is great stuff, thanks for sharing sir.

I was wondering, are there any European artists of today that you find/know to have valuable and interesting opinions on drawing? Most (actually all) experienced artists around cgtalk, or the internet for that matter, refer to Glen Vilppu, Burne Hogarth, Bridgeman and Loomis, who if I’m correct are/were all living and teaching in the US.

Not that I would think there would be much difference (after all the basics remain the same), but it could be interesting to see some “non-US” points of view on drawing the human being.
(sort of trying to widen the area of influence, and I think pro’s like you are more likely to know of must-have-seen artists)

Thank you


Thanks everyone, As far as A PDF goes I have tried to use Quark to make a PDF, but can’t seem to get it to work.

NR43- How about Bargue and Gerome
But truely most everyone you mentioned was either trained in Europe or was trained by someone who was. Frank Vincent Dumond was one of the big names that brought the French Atelier school of training to the US. He was an American, but was trained I believe at the Ecole du Beaux Art under who I do not know.


Thanks for the tutorial! I have to go through it more profoundly later on, but it looks very interesting.

An easy way to make pdf files is to use Broadgun pdf (white version - which means free). It installs as a printer but instead of printing it generates a pdf-file from any source application. Very easy.


I didn’t even though they were American. I’m interested in knowing this also. I think it would be enlightening.


If you have shading/depth tutorials may you please upload it? It would help us all.