TUTORIAL - Turpenoid PrismaColor Technique - by Sheff


Thanks a lot.

Painters that were in my drawing class in college used to like their brushes that was drenched in paint or turpenoid. I was shocked that they did not get sick. Lol. Good times.

Rebecca-Lol. That stuff is lethal. Thats is why i like digital paint. nothing to smell at all.



True, but in many ways I miss the smell of turp and paint. I haven’t done traditional painting in a long time, and while I am loving the neatness and non~contaminating properties of Painter, there is just something about touching brush to canvas that so far has not been replaced. :wink:

Will you be doing an exercise for this tutorial? :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I am thinking about it. I still have like 3 sheets of bristol left in my closet (LOL sad I know. I need to get some more lol. I wish that the paper was cheaper). Next step is getting some turpeniod or something like it.

I haven’t done traditional painting in a long time

I have not either. Lol. I gave up on it and went back to using the pencil. Lol.
I have a dream that one day Pusha V will be able to paint traditionally and stop relying on his Wacom tablet.:sad:


Pushav - Don’t confuse Vellum with Vellum Bristol, they are two different animals. Drafting vellum is more like a thick tracing paper. That’s the stuff you need. If you have tracing paper, that will work as well.

I’ve only recently started painting again, mainly as a result of teaching a painting class. I’m also going to be taking some workshops next month in Pasadena.

I missed working traditionally. It’s very refresing to put he wacom stylus down.


Hmm, taking a Workshop from anyone I know? Something like a plein~air Workshop? Sounds fun!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hi Rebecca,

I’m taking one with Morgan Weistling, Sherrie McGraw, Jeff Watts, Margaret Sargent and I’m going to watch a demo by David Leffel.

No pleine air for me this time around, though I do need to work on it.

Are you going?


Wow, I’ve heard of Morgan Weistling and Jeff Watts, and I think I’ve heard of David Leffel. I happen to love Weistling’s work ~ I only just saw his recent article in the American Artist magazine ~ amazing stuff. Won’t be going, but am very envious! Would love to hear a report back from the Workshop ~ maybe you can post your stuff? That would be cool to see. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I’ll do that!


Hmm…Sheff goes to Workshop…Sheff comes back from Workshop…Sheff gives Workshop…whistles innocently :slight_smile:

I’ve been dying for a traditional painting workshop, you know…twiddles thumbs

Cheers, :slight_smile:



That’s what I was thinking. There are enough people here who work digitally so if I were to do one it would probably be traditional.

Just to let you know, the workshop takes place the week of the 8th. The Weistling and Leffel classes are full, but this was an incredible bargain.

Go to Artmethods and check it out. I think there are some classes still open.



Thanks for that link! I think I went to one of these shows once, tho didn’t take any of the workshops ~ at the Convention Center, right? I used to live right around there, near Marengo. Take lots of PICTURES for us! That would be schweet ~ if it’s allowed. :slight_smile:

Yes, I can imagine the Wiestling classes are full…what a talented guy, and he’s relatively young, maybe his forties? Yeek!! He has a long time to paint, that guy!

At any rate, if you can bring us back a full report, that would be outstanding. American Artist seems to be stepping up to the plate ~ it used to be just a bunch of hokey watercolor still~lifes (no offense to the old ladies out there) but it seems they’re gettin’ real as of late. I bought their inaugural copy of the Drawing series ~ way cool. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



AH! I see. more like tracing paper.

Well I had to dig deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep in my closet and I found some tracing paper from like 4 years ago. Lol only like 5 sheets left.

I was tested this out with water.
So I used a q-tip quick dipped in water some water and a number 2 pencil (My 2b 4b and 6b general’s brand pencil worked the best when doing this.) and it some what worked. Lol. Not no where as nearly as good but it I like brush strokes that appears in the shading. I will have to det some drafting vellum. Tracing paper is a little to thin.



Post up your results, babe ~ I think Sheff would really enjoy seeing them. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Pushav - Turpenoid is not water based so it won’t wrinkle the paper. You can still used water based materials such as gouache or acrylic as long as you don’t use a lot of it and not much water.

Rebecca - I used to live on Euclid just north of Del Mar. I haven’t been back in a while, but the Convention center is just south of the mall right?


Yep. :slight_smile: Lol, I think all of Art Center used to live in that area. Great place, but it was kind of a pain to drive the 20 minutes to school, lol, Lida residents will forever hate us…:scream:

It’s changed quite a bit though now…lots of new stores, I was there in August for SIGGRAPH and it was rather different than I remembered…well, actually, I had been back before then, but still it’s changing rapidly.

I’ve thought off and on about moving back to LA, but no firm plans yet…I miss the smog. Lol!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I used to get fish at a fish shop right off of Del Mar. Too bad the place closed down. Hey are you talking about that convention center that is Downtown? It is still there by the mall. That mall is in the worst of spots. I have not been in there in a while.

Yeah the water warped my paper lol. I will try to get some turp. and a black prismacolor pencil and tracing paper tomorrow from my craft store.

Rebecca- I basically shaded a circle. Lol. I was testing out this tracing paper.



I didn’t know you were a California dude. :slight_smile: Wow, small, small world. :wink:

Do you still live near there? It’s a really beautiful area.

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Wow I just got some turpeniod!

This is miracle liquid. It smears without warping paper. I should have got some of this stuff a long time ago.

Thanks PixelColada, Your gonna make me a millionaire…
…one day. lol.

Any pencil will work. But the softer lead pencils work better.
And tracing paper does work with the turpeniod nicely.:thumbsup:

I will have to try this on other papers.

I know that on heavy sketch paper like 50-70 pounds if you do the same method the pencils stay at the same times you will get a watercolor effect. This is interesting.:twisted:


Post 'em up!

You know, I was thinking that this would be a great technique to use with your ahem Master Copy for the Mix Tape :scream: that kills me thread ~ why not give it a shot? It’s a perfect technique for that…you can lay the basis down with Sheff’s method, then tweak with color in Painter…whaddya say? :wink:




The hard part is how can I scan tracing paper to make it show up better.
Right now I am thinking about putting printer paper behind it when I scan. I should have bought more tracing paper. Lol. I was too happy that I found that turpeniod at my craftstore. It was hard to find.