Tutorial : Turn Objects in an Ecosystem with SmartGraph...


For Vue 5 Infinite… My second Flash Tutorial Test…
Turn Objects in an Ecosystem with function Vue 5 Infinite…
A funny (and very simple) rule inside :wink:
Hope it could help somebody.



I have really enjoyed your two tutorials on some of the features of Vue 5 Infinite. They are clear, interesting, and just the right length for me. I appreciate the work it takes to make them.

For the foreseeable future, your tutorials are as close to Vue 5 Infinite as many of us in the US are likely to get so please keep sending the C.A.R.E. packages.

Thanks again,

Bob Gerber
Gerber Grafix


Finally got my version of Vue5 Infinite and your tutorials have been a great intro to not only the smartgraph but just the applications interface. As a first time Vue user, I thank you.

Back to playing with Vue.


If you don’t mind sharing this, where are you located and when did you place your order?



I don’t mind sharing at all. I am located in Northern California and I placed my order on March 17th. My package arrived the 28th.

I’m really suprised at the quality of this product. It took matter of minutes to get a decent test landscape and the more I play with it, the more ideas I get. I hope you guys get your orders very soon!


don’t say it until you render a sequence with it…



Thanks for the great tutorials - MUCH appreciated! English may not be your first language, but you sure do know how to make us understand. Please keep 'em coming!



Just curious, are you saying not to say that Vue is a great app because you’ve had issues rendering a sequence? I have only rendered short sequences with it so I’m wondering what issues you’ve run into. I’ve had it crash on me when rendering a sequence once but after applying the patch, it seemed to fix that problem. Other than that, I think its a great application for $600.

I am still struggling with the render quality. It gets a tad “grainy” as previous people have mentioned but I’ve been playing with the render settings and have found ways to reduce this effect. In fact, I can all but remove the grain if I care to sacrifice render times =)


2 excellent tutorials - I also appreciate your work to do these - they are extremely helpful!


Excellent, really enjoyed.




Wow cool & very useful tut, thanks :thumbsup:


very basic and very usefull tutorials - thank you :slight_smile:



This morning I found this thread while searching for vue infinite advanced tutorials.
Then I e-mailed “Philippe Bouyer”, as I found his web site “belino.net” in a grate change…
He answered and tolled me that those tutorials are no more, and will be no more on line.

Now I’m wondering, may someone how followed this thread and those tutorials
could wave made backups and would like to share them with me ??
However, I’m searching for any advances tutorials related to “Vue 5 infinite SmartGraph™”
and function applications in infinite 5…

Thanks and regards,



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