TUTORIAL - Ten Minute Drawing Techniques (VIDEOS) - by Mark Chong


Hi everyone,

I’ve been recording an ongoing series of drawing lessons that cover the basics of drawing in 10-minute episodic format. Each episode attempts to teach a single topic from basic line control to unusual quirks of perspective to basic figure drawing and even a little bit of simple landscape design. Handy for artists with short attention spans!

The entire index can be viewed on http://tenminutedrawing.blogspot.com


Great stuff Mark! :slight_smile: If you post a reply here each time you post an update to your blog, then people who are subscribed here can receive notification (of course they can also subscribe to your feed) - I think the best way is to post a reply here when you update, then add the links in your 1st post too. Looking forward to more! :slight_smile: I’ve sent out the notification of your new Tutorial thread here.




The figure drawing was great!!

Thank you!


I’m going through your videos - thanks for creating and posting them!



Thank you for this nice movies! Rock solid techniques here! Add to favorites! :wink:


Thanks so much for your kind feedback, everyone, and so…

Episodes 13: Posing, 14: Doodling, 15: Philosophy and 16: Contrast have been posted!



Episode 17: Drapery

To support the series and watch other episodes, please visit http://tenminutedrawing.blogspot.com


Hmm, somehow I missed your earlier posting - sending out the notification now. Thanks for posting!


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