TUTORIAL - Shading Techniques (Various Media) - by Rebeccak


make it seem so easy rebecca :rolleyes: lol



first try at cross hatching, i am very pleased with the results.
hopefully i can improve my understanding of things.
the proportions and prespective of the body parts is horrible and i know it. so please dont comment on that, if you do want to comment you can comment on the cross hatching technique, i would appreciate it.



Not too shabby! Not too shabby at all! :thumbsup: Kudos to you for going gung~ho for this! :slight_smile:

Here is my suggestion for you: should you accept this assignment… :wink:

Seriously, I think you should try the following: do 7-10 Master Copies this week. Find Figurative Drawings on the web by artists such as Rubens, Michelangelo, Pontormo, Raphael, etc. and copy them, using the cross~hatching technique to do your copies no matter WHAT technique the original artist used.

Post these drawings here, and we’ll critique them, on technique alone if that’s what you want.

What do you say? :slight_smile:



heh, thanks for the compliment.

i would try a few of those Master sketches, BUT i dont know if i can commit to that amount,
i will do my best as always. do you happen to know where those Master Sketching are hiding :). you can kick my lazy a$$ if you wish.



They are hiding on ‘Google’. :wink: Just type Rubens, hit “Images”, and untold riches shall be yours. :slight_smile:



is google the planet on the right ?


i can only find painted pictures, does rubens have any sketches … or is that what you ment?

Edit: i guess you did

edit2: found 2 of them yaaay !


When shading, it’s important to pay attention to the contour you’re trying to create. Bend the lines as you shade, like Rebecca has done in her leg illustration. That straight hatching technique is referred to as feathering. This helps display a more convincing soild form on the page. Also experiment with shorter lines when cross-hatching to give a sense of texture, when that’s required. You can also create shading with stippling small dots, but that can get tedious real quick.

Another trick with graphite shading is to do a rubbing. Lay your paper on top of a rough surface and shade across it so the texture below shows through, similar to Rebecca’s thumbnail trick.

The nice thing about writing pens is how you can create a nice faint mark with a light touch. That’s almost impossible to do with dip pens or markers. Markers also hold the ink line longer than dip pens do, so you can more easily make a long shaded section.


David aka dbclemons,

So…when will we see another tut from you, hey? Feel free to post a shading tutorial here, and I’ll change the name of the thread so it reflects a more general shading tutorial area. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



David aka dbclemons,

So…when will we see another tut from you, hey? :slight_smile: Feel free to post a shading tutorial here, and I’ll change the name of the thread so it reflects a more general shading tutorial area. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



i noticed some horrible parts, but the top side of the forearm and the arm itself is good imo.



Alright!! Just keep going with these, I’m not going to crit them per se right now. The key at this point is just to get practice ~ as you do more of these, you will get better. Good show, warpyy!!! :bounce:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



its alright, at this stage i am do not need any crits, i know my flaws.
once i get to the point i realy need a crit i’ll request it…



Gotcha. :wink: No problem. :slight_smile:



i forgot to say thanks for the advice, i realy like this. you dont have to reply again for this one liner lol.


not stricly a crit warpyy…

i know you are practising the crosshatching itself, but you shade evrything with the same value, like theres no light, aint the aim to have the right density of strokes( = value ) in the right place, or you just want to get better with the lines(direction of these) before you start with that? if that whats troubling you, then try not to think of it as flat brushstrokes on paper, but try to visualize the form in all 3 dimensions, and then just to follow the surface.

excuse my english, i hope its understandable ^^

btw, try to use white paper only, its hard to visualize something when theres already lines defining the flat surface of the paper


first of all thanks for commenting,

the math paper i used was in class today, i do not sketch on that paper at all.
about the density, you are right about the density on the second pencil sketch.
i used a 0.7 automatic pencil. as soon as i started it felt wrong but i just had to finish it. it seems that pencil is not the right tool for me at this point. i will try a 0.5 or one of those bic pens next. your advice about visualizing is right on the money, i do try that but sometimes i dont get the right crosshatch curves. i guess it will come with time.

i am quite tired now, but i will fetch me a pen and try to do another one.


By the way, folks, anyone should feel free to jump in here and try some shading exercises ~ either traditional or digital. I would recommend to anyone what I recommended that warpyy do ~ which is to do 7-10 master copies (in any medium / media) per week, and post them either here or other appropriate thread on the Anatomy Forum. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



maybe offtopic, but this might help ya, it helped me a lot =)
the loomis books ^^

and Art Tutorials, Theories, and Book Recommendations

not on this technique really( sorry ^^) but really helpfull stuff

have fun :thumbsup:

ps: sorry rebecca , would like to but no time, workin on the challenge, having job interviews, and we have nice weather :scream:



Not off~topic at all ~ thank you for the links! :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile: