awesome tutoiral!
simple but effective:thumbsup:



Thank you, This is awesome! I am so glad that you posted this here, not everyone ventures out to your website, but they should! I love your work and will try your method soon.
Your generosity is much appreciated.:love:



haha cant balieve this… cool to meet a fellow experimenter awesome tut. i use the same method, different brush though for making waterfalls awesome mate:thumbsup:


Thanks to you, Euphrosyne.you gave me the suggestion to do it:slight_smile:
Right, Nebezial you know really well those options, no doubt:)


new to painting with photoshop, just got a wacom graphire 3, ive only used photoshop in my 3d modeling touch-ups, i can draw but no scanner, the wacom im steadily learning how to control all the functions, ive never used brushes to actually paint, i was wondering what you mean by finger? is there a certain brush called finger? of is it a custom brush? or am i way off, im trying your method but im lost by the word finger :slight_smile: any help would be nice, or else my wacom would be a waste of money. thx


I call it “painting with fingers” because we used mainly the smudge tool.If you use photoshop you must know smudge tool ! Its icon is a finger, you know :slight_smile:


I followed your tutorial and created that brush. It works great. I now realized that shape dynamics can be useful after all to create things such as foliage.


Bee sure to post as many tutorials as possible.:buttrock:


great tutorial. Hope you do more. I found it very informative so many thanks! :slight_smile:


Love your tutorial, great advice!


That’s an interesting technique! Thanks for sharing it, i will have to try that sometime:) I’ve only just joined this forum and i’ve allready seen so many helpfull posts, it’s great!



last night, I came across nebezials’ wrinkle tutorial, and now this tut!!! its been a great 12hrs! Thanks for sharing you insights :thumbsup:



Wow! What an enlightening thread. Thanks!


Very cool!

This is where I got until Photoshop crashed…


Thanks for the replies:)

Really really nice, Schwinnz.Looks like traditional media.:thumbsup:


Just discovered this thread a few weeks ago, and man, is it helpful. I painted this quickie from photo reference (I don’t own the copyrights) a couple of weeks ago. I used this technique as a basis for many parts of it.

Hey schwinnz, the image you posted looks cool because of the smudging, but the colors and values really need work. The tree is too bluish, and there aren’t enough darker areas. Sky’s pretty cool, though. Keep up the good work!


I haven’t upgraded to the CS or CS2 because I’ve heard it’s slower than the older versions(Ithink 6 was my favorite…it had a separate airbrush)
so when you use this technique you don’t do the rapidzigzag strokes like you used to with the smudge tool, is that the idea that you are moving the stylus in a straightish stroke and letting the extra CS settings “auto vibrate/randomise” the stroke?

just trying to distinguish what the real difference is between the extra settings you get in CS versus PS7.

and feel free to tell me CS/CS2 isn’t slower than PS7
quick test using ps7…


Thank you very much for the tutorial man it works wonder


only want to say: Thanks very much !


Hohohohoh nice, very nice. Thanks for the tuto :wink:


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