Tutorial: Painting Hair


yeah! how great, thanks and keep painting:thumbsup:


adjectives fail me to complement your cool work. :thumbsup:


Flawless technique!

Oh, by the way, congratulation for your master and servant entry! Your work is defintely impressive!



thank you linda for this. much appreciated :slight_smile: and congrats on winning the master & slave contest… you were my 1st pick.


Thanks so much Linda! :slight_smile: this will be so helpful


Alsome tute really learnt a lot, thankyou so much, i loved it. :applause:


Hey :slight_smile: I don’t normally post much around here, but thanks for the tutorials. I’m one of those people you spoke of who usually ends up with a haystack :wink: Progress must be made!

Thanks Linda :slight_smile:


Damn, Linda. That is intense. The way you paint hair makes me look lazy. I simplify mine so much.
Word of caution to people attempting this tutorial

[size=2]If you are going to attempt Linda’s tutorial, you really gotta have a lot of patience to paint in that style. It would also help if you are not an absolute beginner. Highly detailed yet aesthetically pleasing (unlike boring photo-rape) painting styles like Linda’s comes from years of experience and hardwork. The tips she’s given are essentially “secret ingrediences”–things that you would never have figured out unless you were told–like the layer properties, how to create textures in the hair…etc. If you don’t succeed, just keep practicing. Hair is never easy. This painting style is highly advanced in terms of technique, so don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t achieve success right away.

[/b]On a seperate note–all you people in the past who doubted Linda and called her a cheat and a photo-rapist–if this tutorials doesn’t prove that she’s the real deal, then nothing will ever convince you. On the other hand, there ARE liars and cheats out there, and they absolutely do exist, so you shouldn’t just take it for granted that everyone can paint like Linda. These people would have to prove themselves like Linda has.


Another great tutorial. Thank you very much Linda.


Outstanding work!! i dont work a lot with 2d but this is inspiring, simply amazing!! i like your style a lot. good work!!!


I Love you… Did you know that??


geezz! linda! you do it again!! I still practice with your eye tutorial , and here is the new hair tutorial!! many many thanks to you , linda! very great and imformative tutorial! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Excellent tut, Linda! You’ve put a lot of work into it.

A very good idea to write a “common mistakes” paragraph like that. In my classes/courses/tutorials I’ve never written it separate like that. Nor have I seen it anywhere before either.

Will have to try your way of doing hair, you do get realistic results.


Great tutorial, awesome result.
Thank you, your description is simply enough for me to understand :slight_smile:


Awesome, Linda! Thank you so much… again!

BTW, how are you enjoying your new workstation? :cool:


Love you as always >///<
You are my idol.

Thanks again.
(Two tutorials in this short period… a bit hard for me to digest XD~)

What? who called Linda a liar and cheater? They must be JEALOUS of her talent.


wonderful always!! like your work so much!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:




I only managed to grab the ice cream…

nah, didn’t try painting hair today. Nice looking tutorial, thanks a lot for sharing! Just gotta fake most of the detail, right?

Lunatique: I have never had doubts about Enayla’s skills, just about taking shortcuts (which is understandable sometimes). But not to dwell on that, nobody has to prove their painting skills, but to really earn respect, it might be necessary.[size=2]


Thanks for taking the time to create these tutorials Linda, much appreciated.
One question, in step 3, shouldn’t the spacing for the speckled brush be lower than 25% or am I doing something wrong here?