Tutorial: Painting Hair


Love it too. :thumbsup:

Gotta save these to my hd, they’re real handy especially for beginners. A lot of insight from your tutorials Linda.

Thanks for sharing so much of your knowledge! Very nice of you.


wow thank you for sharing! I’ll try that out some time.



You have got to wonder at this artists nature… Many people in the industry who are competing professionally, can be almost secretive to the extreme when asked about their techniques…

Miss B, is a diamond… el brilliante…

I must admit that I’ve been fishing for a material tutorial for ages, like a petulant child who’s asked to wait for something… the wait continues… and then finally something even more usefull comes along… Wow…

Enormous thanks to the best thing to come out of Sweden since the Koenigsegg CCR… Hey… the cars got nothing on her… but I think you’ll agree… it’s an impressive car…

Biggies to the Lady of Digital Fantasy Art…

Respectfully. :slight_smile:


You never stop to amaze me, great work

what are you asking in return ?




Thank you linda! for again a very informative tutorial.:thumbsup:


Linda, thanks very much for the amazing tutorial and congrats on the very lively text.


So very helpful and interesting to follow your tutorials Linda. Thank you once again for your time taken to put it together; it is much, much appreciated.

Have a good time this week-end away from home! :slight_smile:


You are too good for us, thanks for this tutorial I just got my wacom so it’s the best timing it could be, hair painting time :D!


Thanks for kicking off this new push with a great tut!


Three letters: WOW




great tut.
as always youve out done yourself enayla


That is very good!:thumbsup:


lots of great teacher indeed :slight_smile:



Thank you for the great tips! It is very kind of you to share.


I LOVE this.
My friend in Sweden referred me to your personal page once, and that is what got me motivated to snag a wacom tablet :slight_smile: and take up digital art.
Thank you for the tutorials! :bowdown: In about 3 days, my first attempts at digital paintings improved like 100% because of your tuts.

Won’t show anything yet, though. It is still inferior to everybody else’s here…lol


thank you very much! this is very helpful! :bowdown:


Usefull?? That was incredible usefull I really need that! :love:
Thanks a lot:thumbsup:
Best hair tutorial ever.


nods yes… yes…
5 stars 5 stars! :scream:
Great tutorial, i’ll try it out as soon as possible!
I love the way you draw hair!


wow, enyla, another great tutorial



Thanks so much for doing this. I really appreciate the time u take out of your day to help this community out. THis is such a god send for me cause my teaches dont do shit for me.