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I just added a new tutorial section to my site. Check back every so often to find another new tutorial.

direct link
Two there so far.

  1. auto - focus
  2. procedurals for the beginner

Added another one
How to combine internal bones with a deformation cage on the same character.
Flash 6 player requiredLattice and Skeleton
4. Added a tut on using the Motion Mixer to animate the internal bone structure and Lattice. Same URL as above.


Here’s one CIM posted elsewhere on CGTalk looks promising I myself havent read it yet though.

**Found it


great tutorial for basics



Originally posted by Corn Dog
[B]Here’s one CIM posted elsewhere on CGTalk looks promising I myself havent read it yet though.


**ODD its not workign now hmmmm DAMN knew i should have read it when I had the chance [/B]

Looks like a shortened link (/c…h/) - would you mind taking a look at it again and repost the proper link? I’d like to see that tutorial :slight_smile:


wow great tut.
but can you give some tut. about modeling a caracter and rigging him



Originally posted by Steve Warner
[li]posted by
[/li]> Corn-Dog(uncon)
[/li]> Sunset 1&2
[/li]> http://www.savinoff.com/home/?chapter=extras&part=scenes
[/li]> Sky


I added another tutorial to www.stoehrsartstudio.com

This one is about modeling an organic/industrial object; a computer chair. This is only part 1, and there will be more parts as we approach the end of May.


Minor tut on Motion Designer, giving specifics on how I created a muddy effect.



I finaly got out of the chemistry labs, and got a new tutorial down. No it’s not another lw one, but related as it’s for those asking me how to make seamless textures all the time.

Making Tileable & Seamless Textures

I"ll try and fix any typos and other problems soon. Tell me if there is anything I over-looked.


Bone setup in LightWave


Bump for the new Tutorials section.


this disappeared off the list. thought I’d post to move it back up. maybe someone should make this a sticky so we don’t loose it again



LightSwarm Tutorial:


And updated to use Luxigons:




wow, Clark! too strange to see the 5.6 interface!
its been so long and its freaking me out!


Could almost be LW8 id you squint a little ;p

I used to use 5.6 alongside 6 in the early days seeing as they took out LightSwarm, but luxigons work well nowadays :slight_smile:



thanks for the tutorials guys. it really helps me a lot. this is my first post reply. im a newbie too…

thanks again… :thumbsup:



Pretty nice UV map tutorial !

I need some “FACIAL RIGGING TUTORIAL” and “special FX tutorial” on movie file,anyone can provide?:applause:



Database of different LW tutorials.


A new one I just posted – it is pretty basic, but will be helpful, I hope, to anyone not familiar with the how-tos of UVing, and texturing artifacts.



MkIII’s Aircraft Modeling with LightWave
NanoGator’s Multipass Rendering Using Sliders
PaQ’s Rob the Robot
Ricky Cox’s Modeling with LightWave 3D Adrian Thompson’s Tank Tread Tutorial
LightWave Group’s Tutorials