Tutorial: Lighting studio setup with MR


Here is a wee tutorial, just covers a basic setup for mental ray using object lights, a bit of final gather and anti aliasing


I plan to do some more small ones, covering similar setups, concentrating on reflections and er other stuff [cars I suppose]



Thanks Simon, this was just what I was looking for and it really helped to de-mystify mental ray for me.


cool - thats really good to hear :slight_smile:


i appreciate this tutorial so much. i have been messing with MR for a couple of weeks and it’s been nothing but a headache for me. Please continue with the tutorials…jophus


I was not quite de-mystified, but every little bit of info helps! Thanks for taking the time to add to the knowledge pool.



How come when I add different output textures on my planes… it makes them all the same colour… Even when i make the planes seperate… and have differnt textures applied. No matter what i do it makes all the planes the last colour i assigned to one of them… And they are not instances or even copies… whats wrong?


Lol Asura i have no idea whats going on, could you elaborate a little more?

Keep up the work on the great tutorials simon! They are really well written and helpful. I like the one about the mercedes too. I cant get the seaking helicopter one though.


AsurA they must be instanced theres not really any other reason for it as far as i know :s

cheers TheArrow :slight_smile:


man that was fast lol:D

any idea how i can get the helicopter modeling tut without subscribing to that magazine?


maybe here --> http://www.3dworldmag.com/backissues.asp but thats an expensive route just for the tut :slight_smile:

maybe sometime they will allow me to put it on me site, but that may be not possible :confused:


hmm…lol, I see, its their article now.
oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait for some other nice tuts (I dont really want to have one magazine shipped to me in the US for one article) :smiley:

[edit] Now i know what the problem is Asura, I went through the tut myself. Make sure you rename the materials you are making so they have different names. If you just hit “ok” when the warning comes up, you will be replacing the previous material and making them all the same color! [/edit]


Wow that helped so much… my lighting has improved ten fold becuase of this tut… Thnx :slight_smile:


This tutorial is cool…simple and very good result…thanks



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