Tutorial - how to create 3D Scan Based Atlas Textures for surface scattering


here is my recent experiment with a new, 3D scan based workflow for Atlas Texture creation. I utilised Marmoset Toolbag 4 functionality which allows to rearrange 3D object for baking in a baking scene, and Substance scatter tools to do the scatter magic.
I present how to make and Atlas Texture, how to modify PBR channel details at early 3D stage and how to use them with Substance Scatter tool. I tried to push it a bit to the extreme and instead of just scattering across already existing surfaces I generated a totally brand new ground material from scratch.
I was quite happy with the result but I can see that pure surface scans still can give better results.
Bare in mind that this is just an optional workflow and the idea to build on.
Hope someone finds it useful <3