TUTORIAL - Have Fun With ArtRage 2 - by zhuzhu


use Chalks brush,set a small brush size.start with dynamic curve.


quick sketch:


add a new layer, use Felt Pens brush to apply shadows.set the Wetness to 100%, that will got some smearing effects.


export as image, save PSD file.

open with Photoshop,do anything that you like to continue.


Awesome tutorial Zhuzu! Is artrage freeware?


Sweet zhuzhu, I have to start to play around with Artrage 2 again :smiley:

Jack : The first version is, search for Artrage on google, but the second, well… you have to buy it, but there is a demo of it :smiley:




Heya zhuzhu, :slight_smile:

Welcome to the new home for the AAFA Forum! :smiley: It’s great to see your new tutorial, thanks so much! I just recently purchased ArtRage 2, so this should be really useful! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



thanks all***!

here is a small update to show how to play oils in ArtRage 2, hope you like it.

(1)CTRL+N,resize the canvas,and set the canvas color to black.CTRL+R,import a reference image.use Paint Roller brush,start with big shape.


(2) choice a cool color for highlight shape.


(3)adjust a warm red color for shadows.


(4) make some edges more darker.


(5) fun with colors.


(6)use Oil Paint brush, set Thinners to 0%, apply some impasto effects.


the results.


Awesome, zhuzhu,

When are you going to update your CGPortfolio? :deal:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Awesome Zhuzhu, I will try that out as soon as I can, seems simple enough :smiley:


I am assuming this is the purchase version. I have the freebee but I do not know how to pin a pict, just lay it in the background.


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is great thanks for sharing this,:thumbsup: i tried to right click to stick my pic up and my palletts

disappeared so i must be doing something wrong…back to the drawing board lol

Cheers Bev


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