Tutorial, Fur with new particles


         1. Add a Sphere (Space - Add - Mesh - UVsphere) (32 Rings x 32 Segments)
         2. Open Object menu (F7) 
         3. Open Particle Buttons [img]http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/417/76380809ek6.jpg[/img]
         4. Click Add new
         5. Change the type of particle system from Emitter to hair 
  1. Under the physics section change the ‘normal’ value from 0.000 to 0.060 (this determines the length of each strand

      your sphere should now have strands coming out of it
        7. change the 'random' value to 0.020
        8. go to the materials menu (F5)
        9. Click add new and under the Preview tab change the preview type to strand and enable oversampling.
      [img]http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/567/28329917tp3.jpg[/img]The shape of your strands can be determined by adjusting the end width, start width and the shape. this is done in the render pipeline under 'strands' 
        10. I chose the following settings for the purpose of this tutorial.
        11. open the textures menu click add new and select blend as the texture type 
  2. open the colors tab, click colorband. click the line on the left hand side and change the ‘A’ (alpha) value to 1.000 then click the line on the right hand side and change the alpha value to 0.000

       13. go back to the material buttons, then under the 'map input' tab change the texture coordinates to 'strand'
       14. Now open the 'Map to' tab and turn 'col' (colour) off and 'alph' (alpha) on.
  3. in the render pipeline turn ‘Ztransip’ (transparency) on and in the material tab change the value of ‘A’ (alpha) to 0.000.

     If you render it now it is starting to look cool.
  4. go back to the particle buttons and under the ‘particle system’ tab change the amount to 10000, this will thicken the hair. if you have a good computer try turning it up more and more (save before doing this because it could cause blender to crash.

     now mess around with the physics buttons eg. 'brown' (Brownian), random, normal... and see what you can come up with.
     i used these settings 
     and came up with this



Thank you for the amazing tutorial. I will use this in the future when I need it. Its incredible what Blender is capable of doing.

Any more tuts you like to share? :thumbsup:


thanks for the encouragement, any more tuts you want?


Using the new bone tools (setting up an armature). How come you can’t create bone chains quickly like in 2.3x? For some reason creating new bones puts them at the cursor instead of on the end nub of select bone.


that was kinda off tpoic, but you can just press e (extrude)


I have blender 2.37 and cant find the physics button!!!

If you know where it is could you tell me - I’ve looked everywhere…

:twisted: …Its like it doesn’t exist…:twisted:



Edit: Realized we weren’t talking about the same version and removed my foot from my mouth.


Wait for 2.4 it’s there. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=AD Edge] have blender 2.37 and cant find the physics button!!!

If you know where it is could you tell me - I've looked everywhere... 
:twisted: *....Its like it doesn't exist....*:twisted: 


look at the first sentance in my first post.

 here is a link to were you can download it or you can wait untill 2.40 is released

OS X 10.3.9

OS X 10.3.9 + python 2.4

For Systems with Python 2.4: Hardware Accelerated (Dynamic) - Software GL (Static)
For Systems with Python 2.3: Hardware Accelerated (Dynamic) - Software GL (Static)

Windows Installer


this is supposed to be sully from monsters inc fur. i made it useing the same techneque



look at the first sentance in my first post.

Duh!- sorry. Thanks for the links. Ive begun downloading but my pathetic modem runs in negitives its so slow… should be done in about an hour…:twisted:


an hour, wow i thought my internet was slow, anyway once you do the tutorial make sure you post the result, evan if it doesent turn out right i wanna find out if thier is anything wrong with it and il be able to help you achieve better results


ive been trying to make clumpy particles, this is made using vertex groups to control length, and having two meshes


yay, i just figured out how to control length and density with wight paint and verx groups il post a tutorial soon, this is the final result

This is made from one shphere


Hey Aids, looks like your really getting a hold on this fur stuff. The sulley, clumpy and the different lengths on one mesh look great, this is going to work great for the King Kong project.


thanks for the encouragement, i found some references for king kong, but i need to get to sleep i promised myself these holidays i would sleep well excersise well and eat well, i am only 15 so it doesent matter a real lot but dad says its good to make habbits early.


Start of this tutorial is the same as the old one Untill part 3
Step 1, setting up the sphere

Ok fire up blender delete the default cube or plane or whatever it is that your user default has, now press space-add-mesh-UVsphere, make it 32 segments and 32 rings, that means that your sphere has 32 horizontal lines and 32 vertical lines. Now press tab to exit edit mode and enter object mode

You should now have something that looks like this

Step 2. Wow, particles.

Well done, that was easy hey.

ok now press F7 to enter the object buttons, now click the physics buttons button it looks like this ok now click “new” in the particles tab.

Now press static, drag the “amount” from 1000 to 30000 (this is how many strands the sphere will emit. and press vect (this turns the dots into lines)
Your menu should now look like this

Now press the “particle motion” tab and change the values of normal to 0.010 by shift clicking on it then typing in the new value, also change random to 0.010, in the force section change Z to Z:-0.02

So your menu should look like this

Now make sure num lock is on & press 0 on the number pad and you will go into the camera view now scale to the right size (by pressing s) and move it around by pressing G until it is aligned with the camera and press F 12 to render it you should get something along these lines

YAY end of step 2 give your self a pat on the back from me

Step 3, Paint on particles
Now press F9 to enter edit mode and change from “Object mode” to “Weight paint mode” and change the vertex group name from “Group” to “Length” then go back to the Object buttons (F7) and under the velecity options at the bottem you will see something that says Vgroup: write “Length in the box” now still in weight paint mode you can paint on the particles. now you can add a material.

Well DOne end of tutorial.


Thanks for posting these tutorials! I’m just now coming up to speed on Blender and your work in putting these out is very appreciated! :slight_smile:


I’ve got 2.40 now. The fur thing works great!
Look forward to your next tutorial…

A Quote to remember:

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Can fur interact with other objects like touching the hair with fingers? or with wind or bouncing etc…?

Great tutorial too, thanks! :cool: