TUTORIAL - Figurative Concept Pieces - by Gangus


wow what a sketches! amazing amazing amazing! … umbolivible… i cant choose the best - because all are…
im waiting to:)
i have a question:
how this tutorial works - what we(young padawans: ) do (-ofcourse in first draw; ) ?
Are we waintig for precise exercise?
Is this work step by step with time limit etc?..


Amazing Work Angus!

Im here to droll and to show some love! :love:
Someone tell me when the workshop starts hee hee hee


Great work! You gave me an impuls t draw!

I can’t wait for it. Thanks a lot!


Back on the front page.
Well done Glen as you know im a big fan.
amazing work. your skill is jovian.

Well done, man you are well overdue a Choice Award in my humble opinion.

Take care bud.



Great works! I love your style! :thumbsup:


those are wicked eh! :smiley:
but yeah, where is the tutorial?


I’d be totally interested in a workshop! I love your style, these drawings are just awesome!






Thanks alot for this great drawings :slight_smile:
You are an amazing artist Glen
Keep it up


I love the art in the dungeons and dragons books:)
Nice retouch for us mortals… Shar prevails!


Hi guys,

Gangus’ Workshop would tentatively be scheduled for April. I try not to make any promises about dates since things can always change. However if you would like to be notified of any upcoming Tutorials / Workshops on the Anatomy Forum, including Gangus’, please subscribe here:

Notification of New Open Figure Drawing Workshops / + TUTORIALS - SUBSCRIBE HERE!


It’s been a while since someone’s work has actually stunned me, made me sit back in my chair and just stare.

Amazing work, Gangus. And yes, workshop, please.


WOWWWW…this dinitely keeps up my desire to draw and learn!

Thank you Gangus!



Hi guys- I thought I would post a quick reply to settle a few questions (I’m at work right now and can’t put a more detailed response at the moment- but will do so later on tonight- addressing those who have posted more personally)

Thanks so much to Rebaccak for plugging this tutorial and the potential of the April workshop. -I hope hasn’t caused you any unneccessary headaches by directing requests to you- terribly sorry for that. Thank again for helping me set this up

Second: the tutorial will - be coming- I will be adding a couple step by step shots on the weekend so please stay posted to this um …er…post :slight_smile:

Third: There will not be a project for this post but more in the Workshop that I will be doing at a later date (Hopefully April as already tentatively mentioned) - though until them I am always more than happy to chat with everyone and offer crits and talk anatomy.

Fourth-Just a quick thanks to all the amazingly inspiring posts and responses thus far. I’ll have some more goodies to add to this thread.

Thanks again,
I’ll talk to you guys more soon



Cool man. I look forward to this. Your drawing are so cool man. I just love the style. Awesome!!


Awesome Stuff!

I very much like the quality of your work… across the board.

Would definitely like to see a workshop, please!!!


So much evil, draw some cute-stuff man! . . . But now I do remember the great bunch of Valhalla cartoon drawings. I really like the cat character on the right hand side, that’s the quality that inspires me.

You’re a very splendid artist.


WOW - amazing sketches Gangus! Nothing new there :slight_smile: Can’t wait for more and looking forward to the news about the workshop :):bounce:


I love the Superman :love:


wow…it’s very coooooool