TUTORIAL - Figurative Concept Pieces - by Gangus


Hi fellow CG members- I have put together a collection of my more stylized figurative illustrations based on the popularity of the styles recently shown in the 2D illustrative thread.

Here are a series of drawings, scanned and then presented using Photshop to dress them up and give them a sense of unity. Everything I pencil is done with sepia berol pencils - I start with a light yellow and then working sepia tones. Every now and again I’ll be in a mood to draw with the blue berol pencils too. I ussually work on bristal illustration paper.

I may be doing a workshop where I will go into more depth and detail on how I go about producing my figures and giving them the kind of stylized character that I like to have in my illos. If you are interested in the possibility of this please write to Rebeccak and let her know.
If not please feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions.

Hope you like the images, and may want to see and learn more in a potential workshop.


Here are some more along the same basis- Please feel free to visit my CG portfolio and view the images larger and in colour.


A continuance of images, again I apologize for having to click on the thumbs.

Hope you like- these are part of a concept base- Having a good solid foundation in anatomy really comes in handy - even when you are drawing things that aren’t human - you’d be surprised how much of a difference that makes.


more of this concept line. They ended up being sculpted and used in a Hasbro figurine game.
Sometimes we as artist are blessed with fun openly creative projects- this being one of them.


Hi all,
Sorry for the delay in presenting the tutorial to go with these images.

If it’ll make it up at all I’ll add more concepts on the back end of this thread (I believe currently page 4 or 5) as well as a larger version in colour and a larger version of the tutorial in my portfolio.

Please take everything I say with a grain of salt - in that it might not be the best traditional way to approach drawing, but it is what I have found works well for me. I do hope that you may find some inspiration or tips or approaches useful from this thread.

Some of the points noted are based off having new artists write me from my site with similar questions regarding illustration. Als observed by myslef from asking to see where they are currently (which I ussually do-no point in offering advice if you don’t know what level the artist is that you are giving advice to)
The most common areas that I have found over the years is that there is a reluctance to loosen up with the figure and let it flow more naturally. More than oft samples seem stiff and rigid in their pose- standing straight as an arrow upright without a sense that they are supporting their own weight confidently.
The most common advice that I offer is:
-get into an anatomy class, and really make the most of those warm up gesture poses (the 10 second to 2 minute poses- ussually at the beginning of the class) If you can learn to win this initially battle when approaching an illustrative problem, then you are most likely to win the war.

-My second piece of advice is to come and visit CGtalk as often as possible, this anatomy thread is exceptional as a valid work of reference.

-And last is Draw More!! I am guilty of this just as much as the next Joe. The more you draw the more comfortable you becaome with how anatomy works. It doesn’t even have to be human anatomy or anything born of this world. If you are comfortable in your own “drawing skin” that you really understand how joints work and distrubute weight- you can convincingly pull off everything from aliens to dragons. I often get caught up with work and life- rarely finding the time to just sit down and draw- It really shows when it comes time to put pencil to paper (ussually in the quality of my work and in the pain and agony that it takes to get my ideas on down and looking good)

I am going to leave the digital portion of my tutorial to the upcoming workshop hopefully to intice as many of you as I can top participate :wink:

At the end of this thread I will reply to everyone on an individual basis who was kind enough to write in, support this thread, show enthusiasm towards a workshop and vote.

Hope you enjoy the new images and tutorial.

See you in April,



Here I’ll be adding internal thread links for images added later by Gangus:
New Images by Gangus:

 [b][New Tutorial by Gangus:](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=4172654&postcount=5)[/b]

Tutorial addition_part 2- Dressing up a Drawing Digitally

      Stunning work, and thank you very much for posting this Tutorial. It's tremendously useful and your drawings are gorgeous.
      For those interested in a Workshop led by Gangus, please post your interest here instead of contacting me. I've no doubt that there will be interest - any of your contributions are appreciated. Thanks once again! :)
   EDIT: Gangus' Workshop would tentatively be scheduled for April. I try not to make any promises about dates since things can always change. However if you would like to be notified of any upcoming Tutorials / Workshops on the Anatomy Forum, including Gangus', subscribe here:
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Bring It On!!! Please Do!!!



Very nice images , well done :]



Great work ! Thanks for the tons of inspiration!


I’m declaring my pure and authentic love.
I can cook for you alllll the italian dishes you prefer, also for a whole year but PLEASE, start the workshop !



NICE! - may I make the skeleton serpent guy in 3D and add him to my portfolio?



great stuff, interested too!


seriously awesome stuffs!!! :thumbsup: would love to learn more from you!


amazing work WOW So happy you posted
I’ll be thinking about them for days


Oh wow master thanks alot :bounce: … please put some detail and the first steps here if it may …
thanks alot … :thumbsup:


now these are some kickass images Gangus.Thank you for sharing.Love your style!There’s a tiny little old-school graffiti feeling in them sometimes, i find.Anyway, all my thumbs up!!:beer:


A workshop in this thread right? I’d be interested though. Great concept works Gangus! I like these much more than some some of you other Illos of those planes based images, even those are hot too!:thumbsup:


wow very inspirational stuff man…and so much detail.
amazing work


Originally Posted by gangus
[i]I may be doing a workshop where I will go into more depth and detail on how I go about producing my figures and giving them the kind of stylized character that I like to have in my illos. If you are interested in the possibility of this please write to Rebeccak and let her know.

If not please feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions.[/i]

[font=Verdana]Well… of course we are! Your work is amazing! Delicious creatures, outstanding design and great attitude! Waiting for more! :)[/font]


I don’t get it …

Where is that tutorial you guys are talking about?

PS : wonderfull images…