TUTORIAL - Digital Paint for OFDW Caravaggio Master Copy - by DigitalSol


Will try to explain the process that this image took, all from the start with the lineart to the color and the final texturing, since I know that my english is not good enough for speak trough a whole tutorial, I will try to explain this with the images and some sentences, I would like that if somebody try to do this, post the results, ok?, here we go.

Step 1. Lineart.
This is always the first thing that i do in all my paints, the lineart don’t need to be very detailed, but it needs to have all the scene planned, this is the lineart for the paint.


Step2. Blocking the Underpainting.
I used an underpaint for defining the scene with a tonal valoration called in the traditional media “imprimatura”, this are my swatches for all the imprimaturas.

I always try to keep the minor number of layers in all the paints, at this stage, I see the possibility for 2 layers, one for the foreground and other for the background.


Step3. Sketching the paint.

Here is not too much science u must try to define the figure and the background, is better if you use big brushes and with a far zoom, I used hard brushes here.


Step4. Detailing.

When all the sketch painting is set, is time for polish all the paint with all the details that you can do, in this stage I worked with very small brushes some of 4 pixels and a very near zoom about 250%.


Step5. Adjustments.

Perhaps you want to make some adjustments with a adjustment layer of levels, curves etc. in this case I use a levels layer for get more contrast.


Step6. Color.

It’s time for coloring, first I made a new layer at “pin light” blending mode for a purple ambient

Then I create a new layer in “color” blending mode, in this layer I set the basic colors, u better keep these colors in your swatches palette, we will work with them later; maybe the colors are very pale, and definively they are not beutiful but this will be our base for the color work.

After this I made a last layer’s copy in “multiply” blending mode this will “burn” the colors and will make them more consistent, u can play with the opacity for get the best result, in this case is set at 72%.

Then, u must to create a new layer in “overlay” blending mode, this layer will light the colors, I recomend to do this with the same colors of the last layers, this is a great feature for the skin, as a fact, all the skins in this paint have its overlay color, but almost all the clothes don’t, u will use this ONLY where is needed, again u can play with the opacity, this is at 30%.

After that, I made a new layer at “multiply” mode and paint some purple cast shadows because all my ambient is that color.

If is not too purple for ur taste, you always can duplicate this layer and set this at color mode, and again, u can play with the opacities.

After all this, the most part of the colors are set, after all that I made a new layer set at “softlight” mode, and I paint some specular brights, with a very close to white color.

After all this process the color and the paint is finished.


Step7. Texturing

I like to cast a texture in my paintings, it gives an extra traditional feeling, and it makes less digital and perfect the paint, that irregularities rocks, I used here a white layer with a canvas texturing filter, but u can use another thing like scanns or textured papers, that works really great.

I set it at colorburn.

And at 16%, this is the result.

Close up.


After all u can make some retouches with the burn or dodge tool.

These are my brush settings the 90 percent of the paint is made with this brush. Set the opacity at 33% and the flow at 47%.

These are my smudge tool settings, only when it’s needed.Set the streght at 5%.

I hope this was interesting and helpful for u all.

Thanks to all.:slight_smile:


Great job on the tutorial and the painting :wink: :thumbsup:


Hi…Enrique…Very nice and understandable tutorial…looks like your method works nicely, or

as they say…THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING… or in this case… PAINTING…:wink: :thumbsup:

Your engish is also fine…a lot better than my spanish…:scream: …:applause:

Really looking forward to seeing you creat more paintings of this calibar…FANTASTIC JOB…:arteest:




Thanks a lot, Im very thankful for ur opinion.
Glad to heard it likes u. :slight_smile:

Hey Glenn:

Thanks for see my tutorial and for the compliment.
Definitively my spanish is better than my english :D, glad that it could be undetstooded, thanks again, I hope we see again in the next OFDW. :wavey:


Thanks. Great tutorial! I really like your trick on the skin.


can someone tell me what is “flow” % about? whats the different between flow and opacity?


Thanks for the great tutorial, Enrique! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



As I understand, the flow is the line continuity (a line in the space are a group of dots near one of other) and the opacity is the paint transparency, thanks.


A very detailed and nice explaination of the techniques!!!
I appreciate your hardwork of putting together all your steps and explaining the procedure so well:thumbsup:Great work:arteest:


Excellent tutorial! Easy to follow!


CgIcecube and madart

Thanks for your kind words, hope this was helpful for u.


Excellent tutorial, thanks a lot for this !


Thanks to you for looking