TUTORIAL - Composition Tools for Photoshop users - by LoTekK


Not to be outdone by Mu, and being more of a Photoshop person myself, I figured I’d get cracking on the compo tools I thought about knocking up after seeing them in action in Painter X.


I’ve only included the iconic and fibonacci compositions, since there was no way I was going to trace out a spiral with paths (fibonacci was bad enough). Yeah, the above two are in paths, so you can size them to your hearts content without having to worry about jaggies/10-pixel lines. In case you’re not sure how to use these:

  1. open/create your own document
  2. open composition.psd and don’t be alarmed at the lack of any pixel data
  3. switch over to the paths pallete (menu->window->paths, in case you don’t have it visible)
  4. drag the path over to your own document (best to drag directly from the paths pallete, since both path sets are a collection of discrete paths)
  5. move and resize as necessary with ctrl-t (menu->edit->free transform)
  6. if you want, you can stroke the path (second button on the bottom of the paths pallete)

Have fun!

Since ctrl-h by default hides, among other things, paths, this makes it very easy to hide and unhide your composition tool of choice with ctrl-h (ie, you don’t have to hunt for it in your layers pallete, which can be handy if you work with a lot of layers).
I’ve also realised that, assuming you have nothing marquee- or lasso-selected, you will transform the paths by default, if they are currently visible, and the path layer is selected in the paths pallete (note that you can have the path layer and a regular layer selected at the same time without interfering with each other). This makes it quite convenient to rescale or rotate your composition tool.

edit: I’ve reuploaded the file, this time adding instructions to the psd instead of giving you a blank canvas. This has bumped the filesize from 90k to about 500k, but I’ve already had at least one person ask me on msn about where the composition thingies were. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very cool. :slight_smile: I’ve edited the recent notification of Mu’s thread to include yours.


Hi Teck,

cool to see you did this in shapes. Painter does not allow for saving shape layers in its image portfolio afaik, so that was a bit of a letdown, there.

Can’t check yours out, though, as I am a Painter/GIMP user… I am sure you did a nice job,… bugger…:smiley:


Updated the fibonacci thingie; I realised I had forgotten the diagonals in the original.


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