TUTORIAL - Comic Pinup Coloring - by Warpyy


hey folks,

its time to give back to the community, i hope this qualifies as a tutorial.
i would like to credit nebezial for his wonderful help through out the whole process.
please note all of nebs tricks of the trade can be found in his TUTORIAL thread.
and to Arcana Studios for the pencil,
also for linda bergkvist for the her lovely brush.

this is the pencil i got from sean oreilly/arcana.

1: blocking out the colors i needed, originally i thought kade was green, found out he isnt :P, did the abs, some tatoo coloring, some shading.

bigger pic

2: used neb’s hair trick to do the hair, was kind of a crappy job at this point.

bigger pic

3: found out that the abs are also not looking so good, after a while i found out the right look, basically a big hard brush and i smeared the colors.

bigger pic

4: the hilt! i discovered how to do metal, yea that was the first time i did anything metal like. used gold yellow, ivory, some dodge and burn and voila.

bigger pic

5: made him blue, ditched the hair colors.

bigger pic

6: muscle definition, looks too pumped up… had to revise in the next stage. fixed the tatoos.

bigger pic

7: toned the muscles a bit.

bigger pic


8: i tried to find the right color for the background, experimented with some spot like for the sun. did the sword.

bigger pic

9: experimenting with the background, added a gradient layer ontop of the purple.

bigger pic

10: after finding the right background color, used linda bergkvist’s custom brush to create fire like enviroment. i used linear dodge with a dark orange color and all those flames just appeared.

bigger pic

i can only say that at this point there are a few tweaks that needs to be done, finishing the sword and maybe doing something better with the background. but this is my second coloring job ever so its definitely a tutorial for newbies.

i will try to add more text to what i did in each stage later on. and maybe say a thing or two about the layers, but for now i want to see how this passes for a tutorial :slight_smile: cheers you all.


layer10 : using the mask from the ‘hue saturation 1’ layer i only colored the background
with linda’s brush activated on linear dodge.
layer7 : sword
layer9 : secondary hair, unused.
hue saturation 1 copy : multiply the one i used nebezials hair trick.
layer3 : multiply, the one i colored the body mass.
hue saturation 1 : masked the character itself and colored the background with purple,
added a light source, but then i changed my mind and added a gradient
layer style (from orange to purple) which hides that awefull purple
layer8 : multiply, accentuates the pencil lines of layer 6
layer6 : normal as a backup.

bigger pic



Great to see your Tut! While I can’t take the best look at it right now, I’ll be sure to later on, and from what I’ve seen, you’ve done a really nice job here! :thumbsup:

I’ll pimp your Tut a bit later. Thanks for posting this! :slight_smile:




mr mu suggested that i should update it with some words on what i used in each layer.
well… there you go muman


wheeee nice work warpyy, you’re getting better…

zorng!!:surprised thats alot of layers…



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