Tutorial - Comic Character [needed]


I want to create my first character, i choosed Wili E. Coyote, but my model SUX.

Are on net some tutorials of making comic characters ( don’t need to be Wili E. Coyote, just one comic :smiley: )


could you show your model as it is? after that, i am be able to say someting.

You got reference images or puppets?


bad mesh flow,
bad body,
bad leg :smiley:

i dont have model any more, cuz it was so bad so I didn’t save it

reference image:

I used it like blueprint, i know that image is not from front, but better image i can’t find

I started with plane, then extrude, I think now that start with box is better, but I don’t know how :S


modeling from just one image, its (i think) a little bit strong. but there are many movies for reference or? You are unable to see the Z-Axes with just a frontal view.


i have as refrence 43 epizodes too :smiley:

so I dont know how to start, I’m watching modeling in Game Art Challenge #9, but i don’t know how to start body


start body with a plane 1x1, then you have to collapse to editable poly. Now you are able to draw the model first in the frontal than the left(or/and right) and the last step should be a finetuning. Make use of the copy edge (select edge hold shift) function. If you have got the raw mesh you must define the edgeloops (following the muscle paths), to get a real looking anatomic right model.

A good start for you should be the site of wiro with the face modelling tutorial on it.

hope it helps


try to reach quads at bends, or your mesh is looking like trash.


i think i found my problem, i must firs create shape from front, than I shoudn’t just extrude, i must copy edges, so i can make good shape, not a one f***ing square body :smiley:

sory for my words :D, but i’m really pissed off today


yes your right, so its going on. lets see your final.


it’s gonna be low poly, targeting on game model




you can see that there is triangles in render view, soo, that means that my mesh is bad?
how can i fix this? i can make just edges, but is this good?
i’m looking at this:

he don’t have triangles on body, i don’t want to have them too


you are using an editable mesh or editable poly? i think first. but a problem isnt it, because you are using meshsmooth after the raw modelling.

  1. I just cant model with editable mesh, i use editable poly
  2. I don’t use meshsmooth, neither nurbs subdivizion surfaces, this is just render of that model on perspective image, without fixes


references are important, and everyones comments have probably been more helpful that i can be, but id box model myself since cartoon characters are generally quite simple, and of course you can always fine tune once the basics are in place to your hearts content… i suggest looking at this tutorial and adapting it to your problem :slight_smile:

hope thats of help


here i’m posting updates


ok!!!good!!!:thumbsup: :bounce:


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