:: Tutorial - Boxmodeling a car ::


Wow, excellent tutorial, I’ll be following the rest of this closely.

Very well written and easy to follow.




:thumbsup: very nice!




In this chapter, we will make the outlines of the different bodyparts (hood, doors, bumpers, etc.).
In the chase of bumpers, we are already ready, because at Chapter 2 we have added the lines to fit to the top of the bumpers.
So let’s continue with the door frame. We have an edge-loop in the middle of this part, but now let’s make two more at the edge like this:

At the previous chapter I left two edge “open” when I made the tire hole. Now I continue them to make the curves of this part more detailed.

Next step could be the outline of the door. Simply use cut, as always and if you get others than quadrangles, correct them (in some place I still left triangles or other non-quadrangle, but in those cases it doesn’t count, you will see soon why).

To make all poligons clear around this outline, I had to add an edge-loop right here:

As you can see now I have only quadrangles here.

It’s not an ouline, but we have to continue an edge-loop started at the first step in this chapter:

Now we make the outlines of the hood and headlight:


With a little modification we get a cleaner and more correct curve for the outer side of the headlight:

This isn’t an outline either, but if we are here, why don’t we add some shape to this part. Just move the outer vertices a little up:

Also just some little modification but with this we can add the right shape for the rear bumper:

For removing another non-qaudrangles at the future place of the mirror I modified it a bit:

Now we cut the outlines for the windshields. This move adds the outlines for the “rubber-lines” between the windshield and the sorrounding parts:

For the outline of the roof I had to add another edge-loop here:

You can do this simply using chamfer.


Looking good and it’s very nice to see the evaluation of your poly topology.

keep going.


WOW, Great tutorial. :applause:
I added this thread how home page on my internet browser.

Tnx LionTR



That’s right, very very good tutorial, car modeling looks an easy job after looking at this tutorial :thumbsup:

Keep working


Thanks a lot for sharing. Great tutorial.


perfect modeling:thumbsup:

thanks for tutorial


you are amazing man!! probably the best car tutorial i’ve seen on net… and it’s easy to understand!:thumbsup:


A smart method :slight_smile: Its going good.


Well, thanks guys. I’m happy to hear this. It’s good to know I help someone with my work :slight_smile:
I never said it’s hard, but you have to know some techniques well. The real challenge was just to come to know them by myself.

Sorry for not updated, but I get my first 3D job that I will be payed for :slight_smile:
Next chapter will come on monday or tuesday.


great tut Lion, i´m just waiting to get a new pc and will start your tut asap. thanks for doing that, the box modelling techinique is great the shape of the car down faster i guess, it´s faster than poly-modelling everything. btw loved that honda car you made.

are you going to be modelling the interior in this tut?



Modeling the interior would take plenty of time, and it doesn’t require any special technique so I think I will make it.l


At first as i read it i thought: Is it really that easy?? then i tried it, and i have to say…yes it is.

Great technique! Very good tutorial! Keep up the good work man!:thumbsup:

I´d also love to see a tutorial on how to do all the details and interior!
Btw that S2000 you made is so fantastic!:bowdown: :buttrock:


LOL, ive been modeling this same car for the past month and now i read this and see how much easier you did it i want to punch myself in the face… haha, jk, really good tutorial though, i think im going to try it out once i finish this one that im doing. btw, heres my progress…


Yes right, interior are a real problem for me, i hope this tutorial will show me the LIGHT!
Anyway great start, i hope to see soon new progresses.
Good work!


Hmmm… smcars and onnovanbraam 300zx blueprints not work good at all in lightwave. Hood and roof line is not same place. Another place where i can find 300zx blueprint ?


Ouch… I wanted to write “… so I WON’T make the interior.” but I mistyped it. But it looks like now I HAVE to make it… :expressionless:

Jeff Dux: See? I told you.

densetsu: That’s nice. Don’t you have any high-detail reference picture? I didn’t find any real good one by now and it will be very helpful if you could help us out with some.

motenai: Next chapter will come tomorrow night.

MurDerDolly: I don’t know any other places, maybe the others can help you.