Turtle Barbarian, Jesse Sandifer (3D)


Title: Turtle Barbarian
Name: Jesse Sandifer
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Mudbox, Photoshop, VRay

This character was created for an online challenge that I just completed. I wanted to create a hybrid type creature that had the essence of a warrior that you wouldn’t want to mess with. I used Mudbox for the first time on this one and I really took a liking to the software!

**update - I won 2nd place! woohoo!! http://cghub.com/blog/view/warriors-challenge-roundup/


Outstanding work. The design is really nice.


Wow! Impresses.


Amazing! Everything is perfect, from concept to pose.


Great character concept. The lighting really brings out the details you put into this model. Hope you get some good recognition for it!


Very good work!


Fantastic modelling work :thumbsup: Good render as well.

Just out of interest: What do like about Mudbox? I assume you have used Zbrush before. I think they both have great strengths in different areas.


pretty cool character, I like the organic armour idea. I am just not too crazy about the left hand screen black claws sticking out of the skin. Maybe add a layer of dust and dirt to blend things together. I know it is a lot of work to do properly but to me warriors look better dirty :slight_smile:
Great work anyway :thumbsup:


your work just keeps going from strength to strength bro. The only critique I can offer is that his face (and persona) are a little too obscured to read well


Hey there sandpiper, great to see your warrior over here, hehe :slight_smile:
5* stuff, this sculpt is :wink:

Your warrior is one the strongest of the contest, I would not be surprised if you won, the degree of detail is really insane, and if you guys check out the wip thread, it is even more noticeable in pure Mudbox screenshots.



Wow! thanks everyone!

CGLucas3D: thanks!

korky: thank you.

michalkonwicki: I appreciate that!

hazenbenjamin: me too! :slight_smile: It was fun to make him nonetheless.

chokata: :slight_smile:

MartinNielsen: thanks so much. Yes, I’m an avid ZBrush user and have been since back in the DOS days…wait, I mean 2.0 - hehe…the main thing I liked about Mud was the texture painting and the layers - pure heaven. Interface is simpler too. But not nearly as feature-rich as ZBrush. Reproject is a pain. Every software has stuff you have to work around. I’ll use the strengths of both from now on!

PascalR: Hey man! Thanks for the crit. Solid comment. I was thinking he needed some dirties too but alas, time ran out. For the hand design, I referenced some turtle claws but I see what you mean.

DaddyMack: Yeah, lost some of that there in the final camera angle but it’s so hard to show off every angle of the design that you want. Hopefully you can see a little more in the images I’m posting below. :slight_smile:

lbelerique: thanks buddy. It was a pleasure participating in the challenge with you. You were very helpful with your critique. Now we just have to wait about a month until the results are released! :\

Here are some orthos and mudbox renders for those interested:

and their hires links just in case the images get forum-squeezed:



Wow, nice work!
So your work flow is creating a base mesh in max, bring it to mudbox, sculpt and paint it in mud? Did you bake normal map in mud too?



I love what you have done with this!! congrats! ;D


Love the concept, and the texture work is just wonderful!


Great stuff, very well executed! :thumbsup:


Mind blowing Design and a Killer Sculpt! Fabulous work indeed!


That’s just awesome!

lovely work. :thumbsup:


Amazing! work perfect,:thumbsup:


Brutal character :smiley: I like the axe design by the way

Cobra 6


no comment amazing details & textures

keep on & good luck