Turning Poly's to Tri's


Whats the best way to turn Poly’s to Tri’s (4 sided to 3 sided shaped)

Using the picture beloew…

A=Normal mesh I want to triangulate
B=‘Tessalation’ Modifier applied
C=What I want to get…

Is there any fast way…or do I just replace each ploygon with triangles individually?


just convert in to EditableMesh, select all edges and under “surface properties” rollout (in edge sub-object) hit “Visible” button.

also, use “turn” button to change from which corner to which corner the triangle is being made.


Thanks Alot!!


Can you tell me what benefit a tri mesh has? I heard some people already who asking after tri-meshes in different forums and I don’t get the sense.



Im modelling for a game…and its best to use tri’s I think :wink:

Read more here


Not in my experience it isn’t (modelling in tris that is). There’s loads of benefits from using polygons (mostly in terms of modelling tools, but also in terms of a cleaner display). The only benefit of triangles is that as that’s what the end result will be you get a more accurate count. Any decent exporter will convert a polygon model to tris on export, or if it doesn’t then all you have to do is convert the model to an editable mesh before export, or put a turn to mesh modifier on the stack or similar. There’s no need to make all the edges visible for it to export.

You can display the triangle edges in mesh or polygon mode using the object properties or display option- ‘display all edges’. I’ve got it bound to a key as I toggle it on and off all the time.

One slight benefit of meshes is that turning edges is a little quicker than editing the triangulation in poly mode, but the results are the same.

I would never, ever make all the edges visible, or triangulate a whole model as that stops things like edge loops and rings working (they rely on quad faces). But if you must, then the easiest way to triangulate a model in poly mode is to select all the verts and connect them.


robinb is absolutly right. I actually modelling for Games too. And I can only strongly recommend to do it with poly modelling.
You are right, while poly triangles are generated dynamicly, the tri mesh gives you a proper feedback of what the game engine “sees”.
But editing and even unwrapping it,is hell!(and I bet minimum twice time consumpting)

but hey, do it the way you like it best :slight_smile:


btw, our Gameclients love us for our Quadmeshes :wink:


Tri’s work best with reactor cloth and the simulation is much much better as compared to quads…though that has to be a delaunay triangulation



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