turning off a clone thats been cached?


Hey guys

I have a cloner sim thats been baked with the mograph cache tag.

Is there any way to hide a clone that has been cached–xpresso or something?



Perhaps there may be way to assign completely transparent
non reflective/refractive material to the one clone via xpresso.


I don’t think MoGraph data stored in a cache tag can be accessed with Python or XPresso. Access to this data is needed to set the visibility flags for the clones, which are cached along with their matrix data etc.

You could move the cache tag to a Matrix object and clone onto this in Object mode. The Matrix object doesn’t need to be set up because it accesses the cached data directly from the tag.

An effector can then be loaded into the Cloner to control visibility.


You can collapse a copy of your cached clover and connect it via xpresso. Now you can easily manipulate individual clones. please check the file if this works for you.